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    First Steps Following Westport Evading Responsibility Charges

    Evading responsibility, also known as a hit and run offense, refers to when individuals abandon the scene of a car accident without calling the police and filing a report. In the event a person is charged with an evading responsibility charge, the first steps someone should take in Westport is to contact an experienced evading responsibility attorney, to meet with them, and to make sure that all the evidence is preserved. A capable lawyer could help an individual decide what first steps following Westport evading responsibility charges they should take.

    Challenging Hit and Run Arrests

    One of the first steps following Westport evading responsibility charges that an individual should take is consulting an attorney.  In Westport, a  lawyer could help a person could challenge their arrest for evading responsibility charge in a few ways. The most common way is to negotiate with the prosecutor. The person could also take it to trial or choose to not challenge the arrest and apply for a diversionary program. The first things an attorney might do on behalf of a potential client in Westport are contacted the police, let them know that they are involved in the case now, and run all communication through them. They should also ask that all potential evidence be preserved.

    Drunk Driving in the Context of Hit and Runs

    In Westport, it might be important to convince law enforcement that drunk driving is not part of the reason for leaving the scene of an accident because if they believe that the driver is drunk, they treat them more harshly. Getting charged with a DUI could be more onerous to somebody than getting charged with evading responsibility. If they feel like the person dodged a bullet, they are going to make a point to treat the person more harshly on the evading responsibility charge.

    In Westport, blood alcohol content is determined in three ways. They could take the person’s urine and send that to the lab, they could take the person’s blood and send that to the lab, or they could have the person blow into a breathalyzer, which registers how much alcohol is in the person’s blood.

    Ways a Hit and Run Attorney Can Help

    Some common ways a defense lawyer could intervene with the police on a person’s behalf during an evading responsibility arrest in Westport include letting the police know that if they want to speak to the defendant, they have to go through the attorney. They could help explain to the police what is going on and convince the police to make it a civil matter to stop the investigation and have the parties deal with it with money.

    An attorney might help downgrade the investigation from a criminal to a civil matter by facilitating payment of restitution from the other person who was hit, from the person who is being investigated, and showing the police that this is not worth an arrest.

    When to Consult Westport Evading Responsibility Attorney

    In Westport, a lawyer should be involved in a person’s evading responsibility case as soon as they know that they have been in an accident or that they are being investigated. The criteria a person might consider when searching for a criminal lawyer in Westport are somebody who is experienced, who is responsive, who has reviews from others that they have defended that could vouch for their effectiveness, and who could give them the best results in the quickest way possible. A seasoned attorney could help individuals determine which first steps following Westport evading responsibility charges they should take.