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    Wilton Assault on an Officer Lawyer

    If a police officer uses excessive force during an arrest, then you may instinctively resist or push back as a means of self-defense. However, any form of physical resistance far too often results in an arrest in Connecticut for assault on an officer.

    All Wilton Connecticut arrests are referred to Norwalk Superior Court, located at 17 Belden Avenue in Norwalk (this is because Wilton does not have its own criminal courthouse).

    Anyone facing an arrest for assaulting law enforcement under CGS 53a-167c should contact an experienced Wilton assault on an officer lawyer. A qualified assault attorney could help you achieve the best possible outcome based on your individual circumstances.

    How Can Someone Get Arrested for Assault on a Police Officer?

    Section 53a-167c of the Connecticut criminal code provides the five scenarios that could get someone arrested for assault on a police officer. According to the law, the individual must intend to prevent an officer from performing official duties, and either:

    • Cause physical injury to the officer
    • Throw a rock, bottle or any other object capable of causing harm at the officer
    • Use mace or tear gas against an officer
    • Throw paint, dye or any other noxious liquid at an officer,
    • Throw any bodily fluid such as blood or saliva at an officer

    It should be noted that the injury caused to the officer does not need to be serious. In fact, this issue is often aggressively challenged by the best Wilton assault on an officer lawyers—specifically, as to whether the officer actually suffered an injury at all.

    Elements of Assault on an Officer Offenses That Prosecutors Must Prove

    In all five of the above assault on an officer scenarios, prosecutors must prove that a person acted “with the intent to prevent. . . ” the officer “from performing his or her duties.”Intent can be proven by verbal statements, or physical actions, which is why it is crucial for individuals to collect and preserve as much video evidence as possible if they think it will be helpful to their defense. A qualified Wilton assault on an officer may know how to file a motion to preserve such evidence as quickly as possible.

    Officers and Employees Covered by the Assault Statute

    Although the offense is often referred to as assault on a police officer, CGS § 53a-167c specifically refers to a number of different public servants. This felony assault provision applies to the following personnel:

    • Peace officers including police and department employees
    • Motor vehicle inspectors
    • Firefighters
    • Emergency room personnel and EMTs
    • Department of Correction employees
    • Probation officers
    • Youth foster care workers
    • Liquor control agents
    • Certain judicial employees
    • Canine search and rescue volunteers
    • Public transit employees

    Contacting an Experienced Wilton Assault Attorney

    Assault on an officer is a Class C felony in Connecticut, punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. In addition, those convicted may be required a pay a fine of up to $10,000.
    As the personal and professional stakes are high with any Wilton assault on a police officer, it is important to ensure that your case is investigated fully by your attorney and that your case is presented fairly and accurately to the judge and prosecutor. Contact a skilled attorney today for a consultation, and learn how they could help you build the best defense possible.