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    Assault on a Police Officer Arrests in Wilton

    Going up against a police officer in court is never a simple endeavor, and without a seasoned defense attorney on your side, you will have your work cut out for you. Assault on a police officer arrests are defendable, and the help of legal counsel will make that goal much more attainable.

    What is Assault on a Police Officer?

    When someone is arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer, they are typically arrested under Connecticut General Statutes §53a-167c, which criminalizes the assault of any public safety officer, medical personnel, or public transit employee. Under this statute, it is a class C felony to commit any of the following actions against any of these parties:

    • Cause any sort of physical injury
    • Throw any blunt, sharp, or otherwise dangerous object at them
    • Throw or spit any bodily fluid on them
    • Throw any staining or noxious substance at them
    • Expose them or cause them to be exposed to tear gas, mace, or a similar irritant

    Furthermore, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant knew, or reasonably should have known, that the person they assaulted was a police officer and that the defendant intended to cause them harm through his or her actions. When it comes to making arrests for alleged assaults on police officers in Wilton, though, the police have great latitude.

    Are There Any Legal Grounds for Contesting an Arrest?

    Yes. This charge, though intimidating at first, is defendable. Common grounds for defense are that the defendant had no reason to know the person was a peace officer, that the defendant intended to cause no harm, and that no harm was actually suffered. To build any of these defenses it is important to not only review what evidence the prosecutor has but also to gather evidence of your own.

    A skilled attorney knows the importance of speaking to witnesses and preserving video surveillance quickly to make sure you can support your defense with concrete evidence. This kind of information can disappear easily so retaining counsel soon after an arrest is of the utmost importance.

    What Happens if My Charge is Dismissed?

    The top goal of any defense would be to get your case dismissed. Sometimes this is referred to as a case being “dropped” and it happens when there is not enough evidence to prosecute. After a dismissal, Connecticut law erases your record of the arrest, and allows you to swear under oath that it did not happen. Further, any pesky online police reports can then be removed with the help of a skilled internet scrubbing lawyer.

    Fight Assault on a Police Officer Arrests with a Wilton Attorney’s Help

    Seasoned defense attorneys know all about assault on a police officer arrests in Wilton and could help determine the best way to fight back against yours. For years the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have handled cases like yours in court, to read reviews from prior clients, click here. To discuss your unique situation and legal options, call today.