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    Wilton Breach of Peace Arrest Lawyer

    Although breach of the peace is only a misdemeanor, it can have particularly severe consequences if it is classified as domestic violence, so retaining a skilled attorney is advisable. A seasoned Wilton breach of peace arrest lawyer could help you understand how state law defines this offense and work to minimize the impact your arrest will have on your life.

    When Could Someone Be Arrested for Breaching the Peace?

    Connecticut General Statutes §53a-181 names six different actions that could constitute a criminal breach of the peace if done in a public place and with the intent of inconveniencing or alarming someone else:

    • Making public material that is offensive or abusive to a specific person
    • Using obscene language to try to provoke a confrontation
    • Threatening to harm another person or their property through a criminal act
    • Assaulting or hitting another person
    • Engaging in any “tumultuous or threatening behavior”

    All these actions could also be considered domestic violence if they target the defendant’s spouse, dating partner, family member, or housemate. A Wilton breach of peace arrest attorney could help anyone accused of breaching the peace by any definition.

    What are the Penalties of Breach of Peace?

    Since breaching the peace in the second degree is a class B misdemeanor, a person convicted of this offense could face up to six months of imprisonment as well as a $1,000 fine. If their offense is classified as domestic violence, they may also be subject to a protective order that could restrict them from sharing the same residence as their alleged victim or potentially from contacting them in any way, as well as to investigation from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

    Can I Contest a Breach of Peace Arrest?

    Although there are many different acts that may meet the legal definition of “breaching the peace,” it is important to note that these actions still must occur exactly as they are defined under state law in order to be illegal. Since many elements of those definitions are subjective in nature, it is often possible for a breach of peace arrest lawyer in Wilton to challenge how a defendant’s actions were interpreted by law enforcement.

    For example, if someone posted material in a public place that they did not intend to be offensive, the intent requirement for a breach of peace conviction would not be fulfilled. A skilled Wilton breach of peace lawyer can help you gather the right evidence, analyze your case, and prepare a top notch defense to protect your future.

    Learn More by Talking to a Wilton Breach of Peace Arrest Attorney

    With the guidance from an experienced legal professional, you could significantly increase your odds of facing serious penalties in both criminal and family court for breaching the peace. If you were accused of domestic violence breach of the peace, let a Wilton breach of peace arrest lawyer help your case. Read our certified client reviews here, and call the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today to learn more.