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    Wilton Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

    If you face criminal charges, it may be to your advantage to contact a Wilton disorderly conduct lawyer as soon as possible. Having a criminal defense attorney by your side throughout your criminal proceedings can be a helpful step toward overcoming the charges against you.

    What are Some Common Examples of Disorderly Conduct?

    Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-182 lists multiple behaviors that constitute disorderly conduct. Just about any action undertaken with the intent to annoy or alarm others or any reckless behavior that creates a risk of annoying or alarming others can qualify as disorderly conduct. To secure a conviction, the prosecution must offer evidence proving intentional or reckless behavior on the part of the accused. Some behaviors that may lead to these charges include:

    • Fighting or engaging in violent or threatening behaviors
    • Acting in a manner that is offensive to others
    • Blocking pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic
    • Disturbing a meeting or another lawful assembly

    A lawyer in Wilton could help someone accused of disorderly conduct.

    Potential Penalties and Long-Term Consequences

    Under C.G.S. § 53a-182, disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by up to three months in jail, a maximum $500 fine, and/or a period of up to one year probation. Individuals placed on probation are likely to be subject to various terms and conditions, such as refraining from drugs or alcohol.

    Additionally, a conviction for disorderly conduct, either by pleading guilty or after a finding of guilt at trial, creates a permanent criminal record that prospective employers, landlords, creditors, and even colleges will be able to view as they consider applications. A Wilton attorney could help someone mitigate the potential penalties of disorderly conduct charges.

    Can Domestic Violence Incidents Lead to Disorderly Conduct Charges?

    In many cases, a disorderly conduct charge may arise from a domestic violence situation between spouses, significant others, or household members. In these cases, accused individuals may face protective order proceedings in conjunction with their criminal charges. The restrictions that result from a protective order and the additional penalties that come with violations may have a serious impact on your daily life.

    Call a Wilton Disorderly Conduct Attorney Today

    Whether you were involved in a domestic argument that became too heated or a community rally that blocked traffic, some defenses may apply to your case. By consulting with a Wilton disorderly conduct lawyer at Mark Sherman Law, you could identify your legal options and take a step towards a positive outcome to your case. Call today to set up a consultation.