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    Wilton Domestic Violence Lawyer

    What is Domestic Violence in Wilton?

    Connecticut law does not provide for a separate criminal offense of domestic violence. Rather, a variety of offenses could be considered family violence depending on the relationship between the accused and the alleged victim. Some of the most common offenses seen by Wilton domestic violence lawyers include:

    Under Connecticut General Statutes (“C.G.S.”) § 46b-38a, these and many other offenses can all constitute domestic violence when they involve family and household members.

    Who is Considered a Family or Household Member?

    Family and household members include all family members related by blood or marriage, former spouses, individuals currently or recently in a dating relationship, individuals presently or formerly living together, and individuals who share a child. As a result, the definition of family violence covers a broad range of relationships and incidents.

    What Happens After a Domestic Violence Arrest in Wilton?

    After you are arrested for domestic violence in Wilton, you will be required to appear in Norwalk Superior Court the next business day. Before going in front of the judge, you will meet with a Family Relations Counselor. This counselor makes recommendations to the court about the necessary level of protective orders, referrals to Family Services for a more in-depth evaluation, and referrals to additional programs and services if needed.

    In these initial interviews and court proceedings, it is especially important to have a Wilton domestic violence attorney by your side to help you navigate the system, and ensure that all of your rights are being protected.

    Will I be Subject to a Protective Order?

    Yes.  A judge is required to issue a protective order in all domestic violence cases. Depending on the level of the protective order that is issued, it can prohibit you from committing any violent acts or having any contact with the alleged victims. A protective order could also remove you from your home and require you to abstain from contact with children and pets, depending on the circumstances.

    Contact a Wilton Domestic Violence Attorney Today

    When you are facing criminal charges that involve allegations of family violence, you could face incarceration, fines, civil restraining orders and protective orders, and mandatory treatment programs. A criminal conviction for domestic violence crime can also hinder your efforts to seek employment, housing, and career advancement in the future. Fortunately, a Wilton domestic violence lawyer is available to fight on your behalf. Contact Mark Sherman Law today for help with your case.