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    Role of the Family Violence Education Program in Wilton Disorderly Conduct Cases

    In disorderly conduct and domestic violence cases, the accused sometimes has the option to participate in a diversionary program. Depending on the nature of the charges, a conviction could result in fines, probation, or jail time. Therefore, it could be critical to speak with a driven and decisive disorderly behavior attorney about the role of the family violence education program in Wilton disorderly conduct cases.

    What is the Family Violence Education Program?

    The role of the family violence education program in Wilton disorderly conduct cases or FVEP is to be a Divisionary Program that offered by the Court for first time domestic violence offenders. If granted, will suspend the prosecution of the case for up to two years and if it successfully completed will result in the dismissal and expungement of an individual’s charges entirely.

    An attorney can negotiate an appropriate disposition for the defendant with the Prosecutor. This usually involves some type of counseling (family counseling or alcohol counseling), and sometimes community service, and other things to show the Judge that the defendant is a good person and that the case should be dismissed.

    Likelihood of Using the Family Violence Education Program

    Not every domestic violence arrest is eligible for the Family Violence Education Program, but an attorney can negotiate the resolution of an individual’s case that will allow the accused to complete this FVEP in exchange for the dismissal of all charges, even if the charges are not traditionally FVEP–eligible.

    In other cases, if a person has been arrested in Wilton for minor charges such as disorderly conduct or breach of peace, then a criminal defense attorney would be able to try to explore other alternatives and negotiate with the Prosecutor to get that person’s domestic violence charge dismissed. This will usually involve things such as private counseling, mediation, or some type of counseling that the Prosecutor might want that person to complete in exchange for the dismissal of the charges.

    Are Charges Easily Accessible to the Public?

    The judicial website shows the charges but it does not show any additional background information regarding the charges or any actual details; just the charges. The local newspapers may report the arrest online, which will be more detailed. At the end of a charged person’s case, if their charges are dismissed, the individual can have the details removed from the internet.

    Why it is Important to Contact an Attorney

    It could be critical to ask an attorney about the potential role of the family violence education program in Wilton disorderly conduct cases because if someone is facing domestic violence related charges, they will be ordered to report to Court for their arraignment the following day. The charged person will likely be questioned by Family Relations Officers and asked to attend a Restraining Order Hearing which could result in very severe penalties. Judges are very cautious of domestic violence cases and do not show much leniency. It is critical, especially in domestic violence cases, to hire a lawyer before the first court date in an attempt to get the best disposition and get ahead of the charges as soon as possible.