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    Wilton Disorderly Conduct Investigations

    If you are being investigated for disorderly conduct in Wilton, there is a lot to know and understand bout the investigation process, including what you personally should and should not be doing. Retaining a top disorderly conduct lawyer who could offer guidance and support throughout the entirety of your case could be the first step to a successful outcome.

    When Would the Police Investigate Disorderly Conduct?

    Most of the offenses that Connecticut General Statutes §53a-182 defines as “disorderly conduct” would not be the subject of a lengthy investigation. Someone who is blocking traffic, engaged in a street fight, or being loud in public would almost always simply be arrested at the scene of their alleged offense.

    In other situations, however, police may engage in an investigation to secure testimony from witnesses, photographs and videos of the incident(s) in question, electronic records, and other such evidence that may prove someone engaged in disorderly conduct. For example, someone who disrupts a public event or observes someone else while trespassing may not necessarily be arrested at the scene, so law enforcement may have to gather enough evidence to obtain a warrant and arrest them later.

    Will Officers Investigate Allegations of Domestic Violence?

    Investigations are also common for allegations of disorderly conduct related to domestic violence, especially if witnesses report multiple offenses. Once charges are filed, investigations typically continue in the form of the Department of Children and Families looking into the home life of an accused party’s children.

    What Should I Not Do During an Investigation?

    When being investigated for alleged disorderly conduct in Wilton, what the party being investigated refrains from doing is usually more important than taking any specific action. First and foremost, no one being investigated for any criminal offense should talk to any member of law enforcement without an attorney present. They should also not give consent to be searched or even answer any direct questions before consulting with legal counsel.

    Talking to the police may not seem like a big deal, but it can often become one if someone says the wrong thing while being investigated. Even a momentary lapse in judgment or poorly phrased remark could be construed as an admission of guilt, so in order to preserve and protect any ensuing defense strategy, it is usually crucial to stay quiet and let the lawyers do the talking.

    Speak with an Attorney About Disorderly Conduct Investigations in Wilton

    Being investigated for disorderly conduct does not necessarily guarantee that you will eventually be charged with a crime, but it is a sign that you should look into retaining legal counsel sooner rather than later. If you answer questions from police or let them take statements without talking to an attorney first, you could end up saying something that invalidates any defense you could make of your actions before you can even start constructing it.

    Seasoned lawyers in Wilton know all about how disorderly conduct investigations proceed, and once you retain one, they could work to ensure yours proceeds as smoothly as possible. Read what our previous clients have to say about working with us by following this link, and call Mark Sherman Law today to learn more or to set up a meeting to discuss your case.