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    Wilton Harassment Lawyer

    Harassment is a serious offense that can lead to significant criminal consequences if you do not approach your case in the right way. Guidance and support from a knowledgeable Wilton harassment lawyer could be essential not only to presenting your side of the story effectively, but potentially also to mitigating your odds of facing steep fines and jail time.

    What Are The Degrees of Harassment Someone Can Be Charged With?

    Depending on the circumstances, the criminal offense of harassment may be classified as one of two degrees, each of which can result in very different case outcomes. Most harassment cases are prosecuted in the second degree, the less severe variant of this offense.

    According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-183, second-degree harassment entails a person knowingly and intentionally causing another person annoyance or alarm through a telephone call, written communication, or some form of electronic communication such as email. A person can also be charged with this offense for using obscene language over the phone to intentionally bother another person. If the offense involves a threat of imminent physical harm or death, and the person who allegedly issues that threat has a prior record of at least one violent felony conviction, they may be charged with first-degree harassment under C.G.S. §53a-182b. A lawyer in Wilton could help someone accused of harassment.

    What Are The Potential Penalties Of A Conviction for Criminal Harassment?

    Since most instances of this crime are classified as harassment in the second degree, most of these charges are prosecuted as class C misdemeanor offenses. Upon conviction for such a conviction, Connecticut state law allows the court to punish them with a fine of $500 and a jail sentence of three months at most.

    Conversely, first-degree harassment is considered a class D felony offense, which means associated penalties upon conviction are a great deal harsher. If a court elects to pursue the maximum allowable penalties for this offense, a conviction could land a defendant in prison for five years and force them to pay a $5,000 fine.

    In either scenario, someone convicted of criminal harassment may be required by the court to undergo psychological evaluation by at least one qualified psychiatrist. A Wilton attorney could work to mitigate any penalties for harassment an accused individual might be facing.

    Can Harassment be Domestic Violence?

    Yes. Virtually any crime in the Connecticut penal code can be classified as domestic violence if it involves family or household members. A top Wilton lawyer can help you to understand whether or not your harassment case will be prosecuted as domestic violence and help you to prepare for the nuances that brings.

    How a Wilton Harassment Attorney Could Help

    Consulting with a dedicated defense lawyer can mean all the difference in the world for your harassment case. No matter the specifics of your offense, a Wilton harassment lawyer at Mark Sherman Law can help. Read our client reviews online here, and call us today.