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    Wilton Child Endangerment Lawyer

    Child endangerment is a term often used in Wilton Connecticut to apply to offenses that have the potential to cause harm to the health or morals of a minor under the age of 16. Risk of injury to a minor under CGS 53-21 and other offenses are frequently charged in connection with domestic violence cases.

    While they may appear to be an afterthought, however, child endangerment charges can be much more severe than other charges connected with a domestic dispute, so it is essential to take these charges very seriously.

    That is why anyone facing risk of injury or similar charges should consult a Wilton child endangerment lawyer as soon as possible to avoid taking actions that could cause difficulties. Consult a determined domestic violence attorney that could begin working toward the optimal resolution of the case.

    What Exactly is Considered to Pose a “Risk of Injury” to Minors?

    Under C.G.S. § 53-21, Connecticut law dictates the actions that are deemed to pose a risk of injury to minors. While all of these actions are typically regarded as felonies, some incidents may be treated more severely than others.

    The broadest provision of the risk of injury statute is typically found in the first subsection. It generally explains that a violation may occur whenever an adult causes or allows a minor under age 16 to be put in a situation that endangers the physical health of the child or makes it likely that the morals of the child may be impaired. Some of the most common situations where actions have been held to pose a legitimate danger to a child’s health or morals may include:

    • Committing a crime in the presence of a child
    • Excessively speeding in a vehicle while a child is a passenger
    • Participating in domestic violence while a minor is on the premises
    • Driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child in the car
    • Leaving children unattended
    • Excessive corporal punishment

    Are There Additional Connecticut Laws Regarding Child Endangerment?

    Besides the risk of injury statute, Connecticut general statutes contain many other provisions to protect against child endangerment. For instance, § CGS §53-21a prohibits leaving a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle and § CGS §53-23 prohibits abandoning a child under the age of six.

    What Are The Penalties for Risk of Injury in Wilton?

    Violating the risk of injury provision is often considered a class C felony. A person who faces such a charge may upon conviction face up to ten years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.

    In addition to harsh penalties, a child endangerment conviction may also usually involve the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, which could result in children being removed from the home.

    Consult with a Wilton Child Endangerment Attorney

    Typically, a person who is facing child endangerment charges may greatly benefit from meeting with a domestic violence lawyer. Understanding the charges and the different legal options that may apply to your case could help increase the chance of a positive outcome in court. Consult with a Wilton child endangerment lawyer today to begin building a credible defense.