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    Wilton Protective Order Arrest Lawyer

    Even a minor violation of one condition of a protective order could lead to an arrest, as well as significant criminal penalties upon conviction. Without help from a Wilton protective order arrest lawyer, a single mistake could cause severe consequences and land you in prison.

    When Could Someone Be Arrested for a Protective Order Violation?

    Depending on the circumstances of an alleged domestic violence offense, a court may impose different types of protective orders. A simple disorderly conduct charge may be met with a partial or limited protective order that includes relatively few restrictions on the defendant’s behavior and interactions with their alleged victim, while more severe cases may warrant a residential stay-away order or even a full no-contact order in the eyes of the court.

    Regardless of what type of order applies to a particular defendant, any alleged violation of that order could lead to their arrest. It does not matter whether the defendant forgot about a particular restriction, accidentally violated the order, or was lured into doing so by the person the order is meant to protect—any violation, no matter how small, gives law enforcement the authority to detain them and pursue additional criminal sanctions against them.

    Given the variety of situations and scenarios that could lead to a protective order violation, criminal cases based on these allegations often vary significantly from one another, as do the specific circumstances under which an initial arrest might occur. If a defendant has any questions, a Wilton protective order arrest attorney could help them understand why they were detained and what additional charges and consequences they might face as a result.

    What Are The Potential Consequences of Disobeying a Protective Order?

    Connecticut General Statues (C.G.S.)§53a-223 defines the offense of violating a criminal protective order as a class D felony. If convicted for this offense, a defendant may face between one and five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, in addition to whatever consequences may stem from the original domestic violence offense their protective order was based on.

    If someone threatens, assaults, molests, or otherwise infringes upon the liberty of another person while violating a protective order, the associated criminal offense is upgraded to a class C felony. In this type of case, punishments upon conviction may include a maximum prison sentence of ten years, and the maximum fine is increased to $10,000.

    Once retained, a protective order arrest lawyer in Wilton could help a defendant accused of violations contest the allegations against them and pursue a positive resolution to their case.

    Seek Help from a Wilton Protective Order Arrest Attorney

    Separate from any charges related to your original domestic violence arrest, violating a protective order stemming from that arrest is a serious felony offense.

    As soon as possible after being accused of a protective order violation, you should consider speaking with a Wilton protective order arrest lawyer. Read our certified 5-star reviews here, and then call a lawyer at Mark Sherman Law at 203-358-4700 to learn more about your legal options.