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    3 New Year’s Resolutions for Fighting Connecticut Disorderly Conduct Arrests!

    3 New Year’s Resolutions for Fighting Connecticut Disorderly Conduct Arrests!

    Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Connecticut usually means parties, presents, drinks, and (unfortunately) family drama, which can lead to arrests for Disorderly Conduct, CGS 53a-182 in Greenwich, Stamford and Wilton Connecticut.

    So don’t let the holidays get away from you with a Disorderly Conduct arrest in Stamford or Norwalk Court. Here are 3 resolutions that may help you get your case dismissed quickly and cost-effectively…

    Resolution 1 – Don’t Discuss Alcohol or Drug Use with the Police

    When police officers respond to a 911 call in Stamford, Greenwich, Wilton on Darien Connecticut for a Disorderly Conduct investigation, they are faced with making a rushed decision on whether they should arrest you, or just give you and your family a warning. As the best criminal lawyers and attorneys in Darien and Greenwich Connecticut know, police have WIDE discretion in making this decision (so if they tell you that they don’t have a choice, that can be a lie).

    But when you or anyone in your family are suspected of domestic violence Disorderly Conduct in Greenwich, Wilton, Stamford or Darien Connecticut, and the police believe alcohol or substance abuse is involved, then you may as well clear your calendar for the next business day because you’re getting arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

    Even worse, once you get to court on the next business day, you can be immediately ordered into AIC for mandatory alcohol urine testing and counseling (click here to learn how to get out of Connecticut court ordered AIC).

    You see, police cannot take the chance that they are going to let you off the hook if red flags like alcohol or drug abuse are brought to their attention. So while it’s illegal to lie to law enforcement, make sure you exercise your right to remain silent and don’t offer info that’s going to alarm or concern the police.

    Resolution 2 – Don’t Have Your Accuser Deny Deny Deny!

    Too often we see victims and accusers in a Disorderly Conduct arrest in Greenwich, Darien, Stamford and Wilton Connecticut come to court on the day after the arrest and tell the judge that “nothing happened” and “everything’s okay.” In most cases, this is usually a lie and it can make the case for the defendant—the person who was arrested in Connecticut—a whole lot worse because prosecutors believe that either: (1) the victim / accuser is being threatened or pressured to say everything is fine, or (2) the victim / accuser isn’t being pressured but is in complete denial that there’s a domestic violence problem going on in the home. In either scenario, the prosecutor will then want to prosecute the case for many months, which can keep your case alive for much longer than if you had just spoken with a top Connecticut Disorderly Conduct domestic violence lawyer and strategized with your accuser on how to present the case to the court honestly, fairly and effectively for the best result.

    Resolution 3 – Remain Completely Calm

    Whenever Connecticut prosecutors look at arrests for Disorderly Conduct / CGS 53a-182 in Greenwich, Darien, Wilton and Stamford, they read the reports carefully to see how the police officers described your attitude and demeanor during the arrest. Prosecutors know that statistically, you are unlikely to offend again, so if they get the sense that you remained calm and respectful under pressure during the 911 call and police visit, then they are likely to not want to further monitor your case for months, and may want to drop your case quickly, so long as your top Stamford or Norwalk criminal defense attorney lawyer presents the prosecution and court with other critical data and documents that give the prosecution the comfort level to drop your Disorderly Conduct charge.

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    So if you have been arrested for Disorderly Conduct CGS 53a-182 in Greenwich, Stamford, or anywhere else in Connecticut, make it a resolution to call one of the domestic violence lawyers at the Mark Sherman Law group. See these real reviews posted by our statewide clients and call us today. We’re available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700 to help you fight your Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest.