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    BET ON MS LAW – Foxwoods Casino Arrest Lawyers

    BET ON MS LAW – Foxwoods Casino Arrest Lawyers
    • Foxwoods Casino arrests report directly to New London Superior Court.
    • Most Foxwoods arrests involve alcohol, drugs, or domestic disputes.
    • Foxwoods tribal police do not give warnings–they arrest people on site.

    • So if you are arrested at Foxwoods Casino, call a top Foxwoods New London criminal defense lawyer today.

    What Can I Expect at My First Court Date for a Foxwoods Arrest?

    If you are arrested for domestic violence fighting at Foxwoods you will be made to appear before a New London Judge on the following business morning. This is the first court date, or an arraignment, and it is an important one. The Judge will impose a protective order and give you a next court date. If you were arrested for non-domestic violence fighting charges at Foxwoods you too will have an arraignment. At this first court date, a Foxwoods defense lawyer can help you begin laying the foundation for a strong defense.

    Foxwoods Disorderly Conduct, Assault & Interfering Arrests

    At Foxwoods Casino, like anywhere else, the Connecticut General Statutes prohibit you from committing criminal acts. Fighting, either verbally or physically, can lead to an array of charges including, but not limited to:

    • Disorderly Conduct under C.G.S. § 53a-181
    • Breach of Peace under C.G.S. § 53a-182
    • Assault in the Third Degree under C.G.S. § 53a-61
    • Threatening in the Second Degree under C.G.S. § 53a-62

    What are Conditions of Release after a Foxwoods Arrest?

    Before you ever step foot in a courthouse after an arrest, you will be issued conditions of release when you bond out. These often include no contact between you and the other party to your fight. Any Foxwoods criminal defense attorney will tell you that though you may want to reach out, even to apologize, you should NOT contact the other party if there is a “no contact” condition of release. Violating these orders is a separate and additional criminal charge that can drag your case out longer and make your defense that much harder. To learn more about violating conditions of release charges, click here.

    Do I Have to Go To New London Court Even If I Live Out of State?

    Yes. If you are arrested on vacation at Foxwoods Casino, you still need to appear in New London court. Failure to appear for court can result in separate and additional criminal charges. To learn more about Failure to Appear, click here.

    Will My Foxwoods Arrest Stay on My Record Forever?

    Hopefully, no. Getting an attorney involved quickly who can analyze both the charges against you and your criminal history is a first step towards protecting your reputation. In some cases, a defense lawyer can get your case nolled or dismissed which will leave your record unblemished. Avoiding a conviction and protecting your future are priority #1.

    Call a Foxwoods Casino Defense Lawyer Today

    After an arrest at Foxwoods Casino, it can be confusing to know where to go. A skilled, dedicated defense attorney can be there in your corner to help protect your name and future. To read more about why the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have hundreds of 5-star reviews, click here. Call today to get started.