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    Can Connecticut DCF Notify My Job That I’m Being Investigated?

    Can Connecticut DCF Notify My Job That I’m Being Investigated?
    • The Connecticut Department of Children & Families (DCF) now has even broader powers to impact your life.
    • Under a new law, DCF can notify your employer that you’re the target of a DCF child abuse investigation.
    • This applies to most school employees, administrators, or day care workers.
    • If it feels guilty till proven innocent, you’re right.
    • Contact a top Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney to learn more how to fight DCF investigations.

    Can DCF Tell My Employer I’m Under Investigation?

    Yes, if you’re a public school employee, or a worker at a state-licensed day care center.

    What Will Connecticut DCF Tell My School or Day Care Employer Boss?

    Under the new law, DCF will disclose that the Department has commenced an investigation of abuse or neglect. No more specifics will usually be shared (unless the abuse occurred at the place of employment), but the charges can include physical abuse or neglect, or emotional abuse or neglect.

    What Right Does Connecticut DCF Have to Tell My Employer?

    As the best CT DCF investigation lawyers know, the new law is codified in CGS 17a-101(g)(a).

    How Long Does the Connecticut DCF Investigation Take?

    Under Connecticut law, the DCF should complete the investigation within 45 days of the receipt of the report.  Click here for more about the DCF investigation process.

    Will I Get Suspended or Disciplined During the CT DCF Investigation?

    Probably. When a DCF investigation is pending, an employer will take the easy way out and likely suspend the employee with pay until the investigation is concluded.

    The problem is that DCF investigations are not a fair fight. There is no right to due process. No right to a trial by judge or jury. No right to request evidence. No right to cross-examine witnesses or your accuser at the investigation level. This can only be done at the appeal level which takes months to years to complete—long after your employer has decided to fire you based on a cursory DCF investigation.

    Can I Get a Copy of My Connecticut DCF Reports?

    Yes. But you need to wait until the DCF investigation or Family Assessment Response (FAR) is over. Then you or your top Connecticut DCF lawyer can file paperwork to review your reports.

    Contact a Top Connecticut DCF Investigation Lawyer Today

    If you are the target or subject of a Connecticut DCF investigation and are concerned that DCF will inform your job, neighbors or otherwise impact your reputation, then contact one of the DCF investigation lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. Do not speak to a DCF investigator until you know your rights. Schedule a consultation to learn how you can protect yourself and your job. You can click here to read certified reviews from our former DCF clients. Then call us today at (203) 358-4700.