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    Can I Get Arrested in Connecticut for Not Following Quarantine Orders?

    Can I Get Arrested in Connecticut for Not Following Quarantine Orders?
    • Some of our clients have called with questions about being arrested for not following quarantine orders.
    • The Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate and causing the government to order quarantines.
    • It’s not clear yet whether police or National Guard will be enforcing any criminal quarantine laws, but Connecticut criminal defense lawyers are monitoring the situation closely.

    What is going to happen next with Connecticut quarantine laws?

    If the virus continues to rapidly spread, expect to be ordered to “shelter in place.” This means remain in your home unless you need to leave for essential needs like groceries or medicine. Connecticut police and national guardsmen and women will be enforcing these new laws.

    What if I ignore a shelter in place order?

    You could be given a warning by law enforcement, given a summons to appear in court, fined, arrested, or forced into quarantine.

    What if I know I have the COVID-19 Coronavirus and I infect someone else?

    That’s inevitably going to happen, but it’s not a crime. If you have a confirmed case of the Coronavirus and you are intentionally or recklessly infect others, it’s unlikely that there will be any criminal consequences. The government is focused on containment.

    What is Manslaughter in Connecticut?

    The idea that someone could be charged with a crime for spreading the Coronavirus is ludicrous. Under C.G.S. § 53a-55, Manslaughter in the first degree is when you intentionally cause serious physical injury to another person and you cause the death of that person or with extreme indifference to human life, you recklessly engage in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person, and thereby cause the death of that person. Scenarios where there is intent to kill someone are simply unrealistic.

    What do I do if I realized I have infected someone with COVID-19 Corona Virus?

    Infecting someone in Connecticut with the coronavirus will usually always be unintentional. Especially because we cannot see the virus and how it was transmitted, or more importantly, EVER BE ABLE TO PROVE HOW IT WAS TRANSMITTED.

    What is the COVID-19 CoronaVirus?

    The COVID-19 CoronaVirus is a virus that causes respiratory disease. It started in Wuhan, China and has rapidly spread to the rest of the world. The spread has caused mass shut downs of restaurants, bars, gyms, and in some cases, prevented people from leaving their houses to try to stop the spread of the virus.

    Why is the government shutting down businesses?

    To “flatten the curve.” The more people who are out and about in public spaces, the more quickly the virus will spread from person to person. This causes a swell of cases to occur all at once. If all of those cases need to be placed in the hospital at the same time, there is not enough equipment to keep everyone alive. Restricting public congregation and forcing people to quarantine themselves helps slow the spread of the virus and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed.