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    Compassionate Counsel: The Attorney Client Privilege

    Compassionate Counsel: The Attorney Client Privilege

    When you are involved in a legal issue, you may wonder who you can trust. Rather than take a risk, you may be tempted to share only partial information or no information at all. While this caution is understandable, you can trust your attorney with the entire story of your situation.

    Anything you tell your attorney is protected by the rule of Attorney – Client Privilege. Your lawyer ethically bound to keep your secrets and prepare the best possible defense for you given the entire truth about your situation. You can safely share everything with your lawyer.

    The Law Office of Mark Sherman is committed to helping you. We care about your situation and will listen to your story without judgment. Our goal is simply to give you the most help we can. Complete information from you gives us the tools we need to prepare your defense.

    We encourage you to share all the events and issues surrounding your situation. Please don’t limit your communication. A detail you may think is unimportant may be vital in helping us defend you. We need a full understanding of the entire situation in order to work effectively for you in the court system.

    You can share information confidentially with us. We want only the best possible outcome for you in every situation. Honest communication and openness is important as we work together. Trust The Law Office of Mark Sherman to work for your best interests in every situation.