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    Not Every Connecticut Evading Responsibility Case Ends in Arrest

    Not Every Connecticut Evading Responsibility Case Ends in Arrest

    Many of the top Greenwich, Wilton and Norwalk Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys understand that not every evading responsibility / hit and run necessarily escalates to an arrest. If you accidentally bumped or made contact with another car, or caused property damage, and then left the scene of the accident, then it’s possible you can avoid getting arrested in Connecticut for Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224.

    You just need a little finesse, need to be pro-active, and need the help of any of the best Connecticut Evading Responsibility criminal lawyers…

    The 2 Critical Issues in Connecticut Evading Responsibility Arrests

    Minor highway and parking lot hit-and-run fender benders and sideswipes trigger two key questions in Connecticut police officers’ minds: (1) did the driver leave the scene / evade responsibility because they were drunk driving or were driving with a suspended license?; and (2) how quickly can the victim of the Connecticut evading responsibility / hit and run get their car fixed and be mad whole?

    If you and your top Greenwich or Wilton Connecticut Evading Responsibility criminal law firm can get these two issues resolved quickly before arrest warrant paperwork is submitted to the Stamford or Norwalk criminal courts, then you just may be able to get your Connecticut Evading Responsibility case quashed before you have to deal with the headaches, anxiety and costs of being arrested.

    Get in Front of Your Case by Getting the Victim Paid

    Here’s your most important takeaway from this blog: in property damage Hit and Run cases (which comprises the majority of Connecticut Hit and Run / Evading Responsibility CGS 14-224 arrests), the main concern of investigating police officers is to get your insurance information turned over to the victim parties and get these victims their restitution.

    So if you and your top Connecticut Evading Responsibility lawyer attorney can get your insurance information over to the victim—or even better, just pay the victim for their cost to repair the damage to their car and any rental car expenses that may be needed while the repairs are being done—the police officers have the discretion to NOT go forward with arresting you in Connecticut for Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224.

    So move quickly on this and consider this strategy with your lawyer of accepting responsibility immediately and paying the victim for their damages…especially in property damage (not personal injury) cases. Just make sure you discuss this strategy with your lawyer before admitting guilt to any police officer, as if there are personal injuries involved in the accident, then this may not be the best approach for your case.

    Convince the Cops You Weren’t Drunk Driving

    Whenever clients call me to tell me they just accidentally hit another car (causing property damage, not personal injury) and left the scene because they were scared (but were not drunk driving), I will often recommend that they immediately go get a urine / pee test at a local lab, or even at a local drug store. Alternatively, in many case, my firm may accompany them to the police department to report the accident, just so the police can understand that my clients did not flee the scene of the accident because to duck or evade a Connecticut DUI / DWI charge.

    Police do understand that it can be scary or dangerous for drivers to pull over on I-95, or in an unfamiliar neighborhood, especially when it’s late at night. If police are convinced that you were not trying to evade responsibility for a DUI / DWI, and weren’t driving under suspension, then they may very likely give you a break and not arrest you, especially if you called the police an hour or two later to report the accident. They will just take your insurance information, and work with your Connecticut Hit and Run criminal attorney to make sure the victim gets their car repaired.

    Call an Evading Responsibility Criminal Lawyer Today

    If you’re being investigated or were arrested in Connecticut for Evading Responsibility / C.G.S. 14-224 (also known as Hit and Run), click here to read more about how to fight your charge, and get in touch with the Evading Responsibility criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law. We’ve made these cases go away for scores of clients before their cases escalated to a criminal arrest—but you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible. So check out our former client reviews on and take advantage of our 24/7 call center at (203) 358-4700.