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    Connecticut Police Investigations: Do l Call a Criminal Lawyer?

    Connecticut Police Investigations: Do l Call a Criminal Lawyer?
    • Being investigated by Connecticut police?
    • A Connecticut criminal lawyer can help before, during, and after a police investigation.
    • There are many collateral consequences to a criminal arrest you may be unaware of like DCF investigations or protective orders.
    • The easy way out may not always be the best, it’s important to weigh all options before coming to a decision.

    • If you have a legal issue, a skilled Connecticut defense lawyer could work to protect your rights and future.

    Can A Lawyer Help Me Before I’m Arrested Or Charged?

    Yes. A skilled Connecticut lawyer could help you before you even step foot in the police department. If you suspect that you are being investigated by the police, or if you have been contacted by the police then it is wise to call an attorney immediately. The police will want you to believe that communicating with them is your best bet, and while cooperation can be helpful it can also hurt. A lawyer can help you understand where and under what circumstances it is best to talk to the police.

    Why You Need an Attorney During a Connecticut Police Investigation

    After an investigation begins, but before charges are brought a criminal defense lawyer can help you present the police with evidence to oppose the allegations. If you could end an investigation before being arrested, your future can be shielded. An attorney who works with the police departments and courthouses for a living can help.

    What Are Some Common Defense Techniques In Connecticut Criminal Cases?

    After an arrest is made and charges are brought, you have the right under the United States Constitution to an attorney. Your lawyer can be by your side every step of the way, advocating for your rights and explaining what’s going on. A lawyer will want to analyze the state’s evidence, gather evidence to support your defense, and talk to all key players.

    Can a Lawyer Help Me Get My Criminal Arrest Expunged?

    If possible, a Connecticut criminal lawyer can help you get your case dismissed. To learn more about nolles and dismissals in Connecticut, click here. If that’s not possible, you can explore the ideas of pretrial diversionary programs, conditional pleas, or other plea bargains. If these words all sound foreign, that’s okay. A lawyer can help explain them all in terms you fully understand to make sure you are going down the best route.

    How Can A Lawyer Help Me Outside Of Court?

    Hand in hand with many criminal cases are investigations by the Department of Children and Families, protective orders in both criminal and family court, and pesky internet articles that threaten your future. A lawyer can help in all realms. To learn about how a Connecticut lawyer could help in a DCF investigation, click here.

    Protective orders can kick you out of your home and prevent you from living your life in the way you want. After a domestic violence arrest, they are almost guaranteed. Further, an alleged victim can file for a protective order with the family court. It’s important to know about these orders because violations are felony offenses. To learn more, follow this link.

    After a case is dismissed, under Connecticut’s Erasure Law you have a chance to fight to remove articles on the internet about your arrest. To learn more about how to scrub the internet of articles on your arrest, click here.

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