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    Fighting UConn Assault Charges & Discipline Hearings

    Fighting UConn Assault Charges & Discipline Hearings
    • UConn police have full investigation and arrest powers.
    • Students face additional disciplinary proceedings through UConn’s Office of Community Standards.
    • UConn arrests are published on the internet, and include your name and mug shot.
    • If you are arrested for Assault Third or Second Degree at UConn, call a top UConn Rockville criminal defense lawyer attorney.

    All UConn Arrests Report to Rockville Criminal Court

    Any UConn student arrested on campus and charged with Assault Third Degree CGS § 53a-61 will be required to appear in Rockville Superior Court, located at 20 Park Street, Rockville, CT.

    What is the Definition of Assault in Connecticut?

    Many of the best Rockville attorneys know that assault is a common charge in Connecticut. UConn students can be charged with Assault Third or Second Degree any time they cause an injury to another person. Unfortunately for many students, assault can range from a class A misdemeanor to a felony charge, depending on the degree of injury.

    Do I Need a Lawyer for my UConn Assault Arrest?

    Yes. Any UConn student who is arrested for Assault under CGS 53a-61 or 53a-62 should contact a top UConn criminal arrests attorney who can help guide them through the criminal court and school discipline process.

    Get Your UConn Assault Arrest off Employment Background Checks

    The best UConn criminal defense lawyers know how to defend you against UConn assault charges to get your case disposed of quickly, so that your charges do not appear on graduate school or employment background checks. Their goal is to protect your academic and professional careers, by working hard to avoid criminal convictions and convincing the court to dismiss your case.

    How Do I My UConn School Disciplinary Expulsion Hearing?

    Any time a student is arrested by UConn Police, they are called in for a school disciplinary hearing by the Office of Community Standards. They should be aware that any statement they make in this hearing can be used against them in Rockville court. UConn students facing disciplinary action should contact an attorney prior to their hearing, to preserve their academic record.

    Follow this link for more on fighting UConn school discipline and expulsion hearings.

    Contact Our Team of UConn Criminal Attorneys Today

    If you’ve been arrested for Assault at UConn, contact an experienced UConn defense lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. We will explain the criminal court process to you and your family as well as go over your school disciplinary proceedings with the goal of protecting your educational and professional future. Click here to read certified client reviews from our prior UCONN student clients.