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    UCONN Arrests Lawyer

    Scholarships, employment options and other opportunities are at risk when you are arrested in college. If you’ve been arrested and you’re a student at UCONN, it is wise to consult a UCONN arrests lawyer as soon as possible.

    Are Criminal Charges Public Records?

    Most UCONN students are at least 18-years-old, which means they are treated as adults in criminal proceedings. After an arrest, charges are visible on the Connecticut Judicial website during the pendency of the case. If your case is dropped by the prosecutor, or you are found not guilty by a judge or jury after trial, it will disappear from the judicial website. If you are convicted of a crime, it will remain on the judicial website.

    An experienced UCONN arrests lawyer could work right away to minimize the negative consequences of an arrest. It may be possible to have the conviction expunged from the records so that it will not be visible to potential employers, landlords, banks, and others in the future.

    Will Criminal Charges Lead to University Disciplinary Proceedings?

    For UCONN students, an arrest can also lead to an on-campus investigation. In many cases, these proceed at a faster pace than criminal investigations, so it is wise to begin working with a UCONN arrests attorney as soon as possible.

    The procedures put in place to protect the rights of defendants in criminal court often do not exist in student conduct hearings. An accused student may not be able to have an attorney provide representation during interviews or hearings. However, an experienced student defense lawyer could give advice on how to handle questions during these proceedings.

    How Can an Experienced Attorney Help in My Case?

    A successful defense strategy often employs many different approaches. It may be possible to have a case dismissed or evidence suppressed on procedural grounds. It is also wise to collect evidence to build a strong substantive defense against the allegations of wrongdoing.

    The best time to begin building a defense is shortly after the event that led to the arrest because evidence becomes less reliable and more difficult to locate as time passes. A UCONN arrests lawyer could investigate to identify and interview witnesses, obtain copies of video surveillance footage, and seek out other valuable evidence. This information could be used to defend a student in disciplinary proceedings on campus as well as in court.

    What are Some Common Charges on Campus?

    UCONN arrests lawyers see certain crimes more often than others. Common charges on campus include:

    Click the links above to learn more about each of these offenses.

    Work with a Knowledgeable UCONN Arrests Lawyer

    UCONN students should be looking forward to a life filled with promising opportunities. When an arrest clouds this outlook, it is a good idea to act promptly to protect the student’s future.

    A UCONN arrests lawyer could explain your charges, the potential ramifications, and your options for defense. An attorney can advocate on your behalf and fight to protect your rights at every stage of the process. To schedule a consultation, call Mark Sherman Law today.