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    Fighting Your Greenwich Risk of Injury Arrest in Greenwich Connecticut

    • It’s extremely easy to get arrested for Risk of Injury CGS 53-21 in Greenwich CT.
    • Risk of Injury in Connecticut is a Class C felony, and sometimes a Class B felony.
    • An arrest for Risk of Injury to a Minor in Greenwich, Connecticut will almost always trigger a DCF investigation.
    • So if you’re arrested for Risk of Injury to a Minor in Greenwich, Connecticut, call any of the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal defense attorneys.

    What is Risk of Injury to a Minor in Greenwich CT?

    The crime covers all situations where a minor under the age of 16 is placed in any type of a dangerous situation where their health or morals are at risk of being impaired. Sound broad and ambiguous? That’s because it is. Greenwich Police Department don’t take chances and are quick to make arrests for Risk of Injury to a Minor / Child Endangerment under 53a-21.

    Risk of Injury Charges in Greenwich Domestic Violence Arrests

    As the top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers can explain, the most common risk of injury charge in Greenwich, Connecticut occurs in a domestic violence situation, when the parents are arguing fighting in front of the minor children or with kids in the home—even if they are sleeping when the dispute takes place!

    In these cases, Greenwich Police will almost always add a CGS 53-21 Risk of Injury to a Minor charge onto the domestic violence charges.

    How can I Fight my Risk of Injury Arrest in Greenwich, Connecticut?

    Fighting a Connecticut Risk of Injury arrest in Connecticut is challenging because the prosecutors can argue that any traumatic event—even leaving your child in a car for 5 minutes while you dropped off dry cleaning—presents a risk to their health or morals.

    The best Greenwich Connecticut criminal law firms, however, know the nuances of Connecticut Risk of Injury law and will make prosecutors provide evidence of intent and willfulness, which they usually cannot do in cases like these. They must prove you intentionally put a child at risk—a nuance that Greenwich police do not appreciate.

    To read more about some of the best Risk of Injury criminal defense strategies that the Mark Sherman Law Firm offers, click here.

    Will DCF get involved with my Risk of Injury Arrest in Greenwich, Connecticut?

    100 percent yes. Risk of Injury arrests in Greenwich, Connecticut are almost always accompanied by a Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) investigation in Greenwich, Connecticut.

    Greenwich Police officers are mandatory reporters in Connecticut – that means that if you are arrested for Risk of Injury to a Minor in Greenwich, Connecticut, the Greenwich Police Officers are legally required to contact DCF. Once DCF is contacted, your DCF investigation will be assigned to a DCF social worker in the Norwalk Connecticut DCF Office. You need to get DCF out of your life as quickly, and painlessly as possible. To read more about Greenwich DCF investigations, click here.

    Contact a Greenwich, Connecticut Risk of Injury and DCF Attorney Today

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