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    Can I Get Out of AIC in Connecticut Criminal Court?

    Can I Get Out of AIC in Connecticut Criminal Court?

    Many of the best criminal law firms in Stamford and Norwalk Connecticut frequently see AIC orders handed out like candy in the Connecticut Criminal courts. But what is AIC? And can someone who ordered into AIC in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk or New Canaan Connecticut get out of it quickly?

    The answer: Maybe, but it’s complicated, and it was likely avoidable if you just followed 2 pointers before you set foot in court…

    AIC Stands for the “Alternative Incarceration Center” (No Matter what the State Court Marketing Spinsters Tell You!)

    AIC used to stand for the “Alternative Incarceration Center.” People arrested for drugs, alcohol, or domestic violence related crimes would often be ordered into AIC at their first court date in Stamford or Norwalk Court. The order would then be considered a “condition of your release,” which if violated could get you arrested in Stamford, Norwalk or Bridgeport Connecticut for a totally separate crime called Violation of Conditions of Release. AIC orders are doled out very quickly at your first court date, and if you don’t have a top Greenwich, Stamford or Wilton Connecticut AIC criminal lawyer or attorney by your side, you may not realize that you actually have a right to object to the order or ask for an alternative condition of release.

    Why Did Touchy Feely State Social Workers Change AIC’s Name?

    As the veteran Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys know, state officials didn’t like AIC being viewed as a “negative” thing. They wanted drug and anger management counseling to a have a touchy, feely, feel-good vibe, not a connotation associated with the threat of “Incarceration.” So they spent a lot of money on marketing geniuses a few years ago who came up with the euphemistic–(yes, that’s a word—I think—just like “bragadocious”)—new name for AIC called the “Alternatives in the Community” Program.

    Despite the ridiculous name change, it’s the same thing. Same programs. Same counselors. And same punishment if you don’t show up on time for every class…a raised bond and jail!

    And as the top Connecticut criminal defense lawyers who deal with AIC know, these AIC Centers service most of the Connecticut courthouses, including the Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford and Norwalk Superior Criminal Courts. These AIC orders frequently order drug testing, anger management counseling, and alcohol abuse counseling. The upside: the classes are free and if you do well in them, it will help your case. The downside: the class times are relatively inconvenient and hard to get to for any hard-working person, especially if you’re commuting from New York City or trying to fight I-95 and Merritt Parkway rush hour traffic.

    2 Secrets to Avoiding or Getting Out of Connecticut AIC Court Orders

    AIC court orders are frequently issued at first court dates for a Stamford, Greenwich, Wilton or Westport Connecticut domestic violence arrest (click here for more on what to expect at these first court dates). It’s usually at the request of your accuser in a domestic violence arrest, originating from a jilted spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family member / significant other, who are urging the court to impose onerous, heavy-handed and often unnecessary AIC restrictions on you. Know that you have the right to push back on a request for AIC, which leads me to my first Secret:

    Secret 1: Let Your Lawyer Convince the Judge to Permit a Private AIC Equivalent

    Your arraignment hearing in Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury or Bridgeport Superior Court goes quickly. The judge and prosecutor don’t have much time to go back and forth on AIC orders, and do not appreciate how damaging mandatory AIC classes may be to your job or financial stability…that is, unless your top Stamford or Norwalk criminal attorney lawyer convinces the judge otherwise. So let your lawyer persuade the judge that you can get your counseling done privately, on your own schedule, and maybe even on weekends. This way you don’t have to tell your boss why you have to leave work early once or twice a week. And when you do it privately, the sessions are usually not as long, and are also tailored specifically to your needs, goals and objectives, which is also very helpful for everyone at court, including the judge and prosecutor.

    Secret 2: If You’ve Been Ordered into AIC, Here’s How to Get Out

    Some court-ordered Connecticut AIC programs can go on for months and months…especially if you are battling an addiction or serious mental health issue. Don’t let the court orders set you up to fail—get in front of your court case and AIC order by getting in front of any of the top Greenwich, Wilton or Connecticut criminal lawyers who regularly file written pleadings known as “Motions to Modify Conditions of Release.” These motions include legal and factual arguments that just might convince the judge to terminate your AIC order altogether, or alternatively, allow you to opt out of AIC and begin a private AIC equivalent that is more appropriate for you and your family. Filing a motion like this is the first step to taking control of your case. So speak to a Fairfield County Connecticut AIC lawyer who has experience with AIC and fighting for their clients to get them out of AIC.

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm: Experienced in all AIC Issues

    Understanding exactly why AIC was ordered in your case and how to best manage your AIC orders can be challenging. The team of Connecticut criminal AIC lawyers and attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have over 30 years of collective experience assisting clients with AIC issues, as well as fighting for them in their underlying criminal case. We service all of the Connecticut State courthouses, including Danbury, Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk criminal courts. View our glowing certified online reviews, and call us today at (203) 358-4700. We are available 24/7 to take your call.