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    Getting Help When You Have Been Accused of Family and Domestic Violence

    Getting Help When You Have Been Accused of Family and Domestic Violence

    It doesn’t matter the situation. When you get accused of family or domestic violence, you will be left in a state of disbelief or you will feel very emotional. Because of the seriousness of these types of allegations, you need a Connecticut defense attorney who can protect you. It is best to choose someone experienced in dealing with domestic violence accusations and charges.

    However, you need more than just legal counseling during this emotional time in your life. You need compassionate counsel, and that is what you will gain from the law offices of Mark Sherman. We know how difficult it can be when you are facing allegations of domestic of family abuse in Greenwich or Stamford, Connecticut.

    When you turn to us for legal defense after domestic abuse allegations, you will be gaining a team interested in protecting your rights. We are experienced in these cases and we know how to work within the law to always protect you.

    We also understand the need for sound legal advice. Remember that if restraining orders or protective orders have been placed on you, you can’t break them or you could face more serious charges. We will always give you advice on how to handle each delicate and emotional situation. Our compassionate counsel will be there for you when the allegations get the most emotionally draining.

    Because domestic violence is taken so seriously, it can be a difficult task to deal with when you have been accused. That’s why you need the law offices of Mark Sherman on your side. We will work in every way possible to see you through the allegations and help you make the right decisions for your future. We aren’t here to just help you in the court room. We will provide legal advice and knowledgeable counsel throughout the domestic violence allegations.