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    Recent Developments in Internet Scrubbing Law – Getting Your Connecticut Online Arrest Report Removed Off the Internet & Search Engines

    Recent Developments in Internet Scrubbing Law – Getting Your Connecticut Online Arrest Report Removed Off the Internet & Search Engines

    As many of the best Stamford, Greenwich, Wilton and Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys are realizing these days, getting your Connecticut arrest dismissed in court is just half the battle. These days, getting your Stamford, Greenwich, Wilton and Darien Connecticut online arrest report offline and removed from the internet and search engines is now just as important as fighting the underlying arrest itself. Online reputation management could not be more critical these days. Employment background checks start with Google and Yahoo searches, and with online police blotters continuing to be the most frequently viewed pages of these online newspaper websites, it’s no wonder that the top Stamford, Greenwich and Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys are getting more and more calls about how clients who earn dismissals in court can get their arrest reports taken offline.

    So are the best Connecticut internet law firms actually having success in removing online arrest reports from news websites and search engines? Absolutely. Keep reading for more on the exciting progress being accomplished…

    How Do I Get My Dismissed Connecticut Criminal Case Off Search Engines Like Google & Yahoo?

    Top Connecticut libel and slander lawyers realize that the online publication of your Connecticut arrest reports is actually a one-two punch. First, the arresting police agency issues a press release that includes your name, address, mug shot, and usually a one-sided, biased and inaccurate account of the events leading up to your arrest. This is what gets published almost immediately in online dailies such as the Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Time, the Hour, the Patch and Daily Voice networks, Darien Times, Darien News Online and the New Canaan Advertiser. The second hit you suffer takes place when people start clicking on your Connecticut online arrest article, as search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing immediately post these articles on search engine results of your name and the article climbs quickly to the top of the front page, causing immeasurable damage to your reputation. (A trick for our readers: click this link to get a true, “cookie-free” Google search result of your name, which you can even restrict to certain geographical areas if you want to see what people are searching in a certain area of the country). The best Connecticut internet criminal lawyers know how to not only get your article removed, but can also lean on Google and Yahoo lawyers to get rid of the damaging search engine footprints that link to the articles once the damaging article is taken down, as sometimes the Google search engine results are as damaging as the articles themselves.

    Martin v. Hearst: Paving the Way for Online Reputation Management in Connecticut

    As we last reported in this blog last summer, the Mark Sherman Law Firm waged a four-year legal battle against Connecticut online publishing companies that refused to take our client’s drug arrest off the internet after her case was dismissed by the Stamford Superior Court. Our client was a veteran nurse, who was busted for drugs that her son allegedly kept in her home (unbeknownst to her). The court eventually cleared her, but the internet didn’t, and when the online news organizations refused to take down her erased arrest, the instead published an updated article which indicated the charges were dismissed, but still kept her arrest report details online, making it impossible for her to find work as a registered nurse. The Mark Sherman Law firm sued these Goliath companies all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, and although the court eventually ruled in favor of the media defendants, citing First Amendment concerns, the lawsuit garnered national attention, including a supportive profile in the New York Times, and effected substantial changes in internet scrubbing policies all throughout Connecticut.

    But the real impact of our efforts in Martin v. Hearst is that online news publishers are taking the Mark Sherman Law Firm’s internet scrubbing practice seriously. They’re acutely aware of the Martin v. Hearst case and they do NOT feel like spending tens of thousands of dollars fighting our law firm when they can quickly and quietly take down our client’s erased and dismissed Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan or Wilton arrest reports. They conduct a quick cost-benefit analysis of fighting our internet scrubbing and libel / slander / defamation lawsuits and often quickly sit down with us to work out an amicable and fair resolution.

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    Not only is the Mark Sherman Law Firm one of the leaders in this emerging area of internet scrubbing law, but our team of criminal and internet scrubbing attorneys are constantly monitoring the laws and decisions across the country to leverage our negotiating position with Connecticut online news media companies. Our sole goal is restoring your online reputation. So read what our former internet scrubbing clients have to say about us and then give us a call at (203) 358-4700 to start the process of scrubbing the internet of your dismissed Connecticut criminal arrests.