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    Here’s How to Get Connecticut Arrest Reports off the Internet & Google Searches

    Here’s How to Get Connecticut Arrest Reports off the Internet & Google Searches
    • Even after your Connecticut criminal case is dismissed, arrest reports and mug shots remain online.
    • The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are the leaders in Connecticut in internet scrubbing law.
    • Our firm knows how important your reputation and job prospects are, and can help you get your arrest reports offline and off Google.
    • If you have information about your arrest or mug shot online, contact Mark Sherman Law today.
    • Click here to read more about expunging your arrest records.

    Can I Have my Connecticut Arrest Reports Removed from Online Publications?

    Mark Sherman Law specializes in assisting clients in getting publications to remove arrest reports following the disposition of a criminal case. We see firsthand how unfair online arrest reports are—typically exaggerating charges and propagating inaccuracies to get more views. The real unfairness comes when a criminal case is dropped in court, but fallacies surrounding an arrest continue to exist online, damaging reputations and career prospects.

    What’s the Difference between a Nolle and a Dismissal?

    There’s a big difference between having your case nolled versus dismissed in Connecticut. We write about this in great deal on this page, so click here. If your case is “nolled”, your charges are dropped and no longer prosecuted. Nolled cases are automatically dismissed by operation of law 13 months after the date of nolle. If your case is dismissed, your charges and arrest documents are automatically erased and expunged.

    Can I Sue a Newspaper for Reporting Incorrect Information?

    Yes, but we will help you explore other solutions prior to spending lots of money on a lawsuit.

    In 2012, Mark Sherman Law made national news (see the New York Times article) by filing a class action libel lawsuit against Hearst Media Corporation, and other online news outlets for continuing to publish arrest reports after our client’s arrests have been dismissed and erased. Our case ended up in the US Supreme Court and established us as a leader in online reputation management.

    Is my Arrest Report Public Record in Connecticut?

    Yes. In Connecticut, arrest reports can be public record available to the public and news publications. Often times, news publications will get copies of new arrest reports from the courts or weekly police blotters directly from the local police department. These reports are then used to generate online content that will be published long after the criminal case is disposed of.

    Can I Have my Arrest Records Expunged in Connecticut?

    Yes. Connecticut’s Erasure Statute, under Connecticut General Statute (“C.G.S.”) § 54-142a, allows for arrest reports and arrest information to be expunged if: (1) your case was taken to trial and you were found not guilty of a crime; (2) your charges were dismissed; (3) your charges were nolled and 13 months have passed. Under this statute, erasure occurs by operation of law. Click here to learn more about how to expunge dismissed records.

    Can I Swear under Oath that I’ve Never Been Arrested?

    Yes, in private sector interviews. Connecticut’s Erasure Statute, under C.G.S. § 54-142a, you can swear under oath that you have never been arrested once your criminal case is erased and dismissed.

    How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get My Record Expunged in Connecticut?

    If your charges are nolled, you will need to wait 13 months before your arrest records are expunged and erased. If your charges are dismissed, your arrest records will be expunged and erased 20 days from the date of your dismissal, under Connecticut General Statute § 54-142a.

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    If you need assistance getting your arrest reports and mug shots taken offline, contact the experienced attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today to find out how we can help. Click here to read certified reviews from internet scrub clients.  Call us 24/7 to discuss how to protect your online reputation at (203) 358-4700.