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    How Do I Get My Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Arrest Dismissed?

    How Do I Get My Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Arrest Dismissed?
    • Harassment arrests in Connecticut usually involve offensive texts, phone calls, emails and social media messages.
    • Harassment charges often pop up during nasty divorce cases where cheating is involved.
    • Connecticut police try to mediate before making arrests for Harassment Second Degree.
    • Excessive and obscene phone calls and texting can get you arrested for Harassment.
    • First Amendment argument can often get Harassment arrests dismissed.
    • Filing motions to preserve social media and text messages can be critical to your defense.
    • If CT police have contacted you about a Harassment case, speak to a lawyer first.

    What is Harassment Second Degree in CT?

    Connecticut arrests for Harassment in the Second Degree are governed by CGS 53a-183.

    The most common scenario that can get you arrested for Harassment Second Degree in CT is when you call, email, text, Facebook or Instagram message, fax or otherwise communicate with someone repeatedly in a frequency and manner that annoys or alarms them. If the recipient, or a police officer, has advised you to stop contacting the recipient, that’s criminal harassment.

    One other scenario that is against the law as Harassment Second Degree is when you use indecent or obscene language by telephone.

    Fighting Your Second Degree Harassment Charges in CT

    There are several aggressive and time-tested defense strategies for fighting a Connecticut arrest for Harassment Second Degree. Some of the best Connecticut criminal harassment defense lawyers and attorneys understand that Harassment charges not only require “intent” but also that the First Amendment protects broad categories of speech and conduct.

    What Can I Expect at My First Court Date for a Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Arrest?

    Depending on whether the harassment is considered a domestic violence crime, you may be facing a restraining / protective order hearing. Or the judge may issue conditions of release such as a no-contact order, mandatory AIC anger management counseling, or even a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet.

    So be sure NOT to go into court alone for a Connecticut Harassment Second Degree arrest. Contact a top criminal defense lawyer in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut who can file motions with the court to preserve key and critical digital evidence in your case, such as your accuser’s social media postings, text messages and emails.

    First Amendment Defenses to Connecticut Harassment Arrests

    It’s certainly not against the law to give someone a piece of your mind so long as it’s not physically threatening language. Follow this link to learn more about Harassment defense strategies and make sure your top Greenwich & Stamford Harassment criminal lawyer assesses your case through the lens of state and federal First Amendment safeguards.

    Can I Go to Jail for a Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Charge?

    Yes, but only in limited circumstances. Harassment Second Degree is a Class C misdemeanor, which carries a maximum jail sentence of 90 days a $500 fine, probation and the risk of a lifetime Standing Criminal Protective Order. You should usually try to get your first-time Connecticut Harassment Second Degree charge thrown out of court.

    Can Hang Up Phone Calls Get Me Arrested for Harassment Second Degree in CT?

    Yes. Even hang up phone calls where you don’t speak to the person can justify criminal harassment second degree charges in Connecticut. All that’s required is multiple hang up calls that cause someone annoyance or alarm.

    What is “Annoyance” or “Alarm” under Connecticut Harassment Law?

    Annoyance and alarm are not clearly defined legal terms which makes it not only very subjective (meaning some victims have thicker skin than others), but it also makes it every easy to get arrested for Harassment Second Degree CGS 53a-183 in Connecticut.

    Contact a Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Lawyer Today

    Arrests in Connecticut for harassment through texting, social media and email are more common than ever. So if you’ve been arrested for Harassment Second Degree in Greenwich, Stamford or anywhere in Connecticut, or you’re being investigated by Connecticut police for harassment, contact the Connecticut criminal defense lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. Our team of 7 lawyers are available 24/7 to take your call and assist you with the sole mission of getting your Connecticut harassment charges dismissed as quickly as possible.

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