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    I Got a Misdemeanor Summons for Disorderly Conduct in Stamford, Connecticut. Do I Need a Lawyer?

    I Got a Misdemeanor Summons for Disorderly Conduct in Stamford, Connecticut. Do I Need a Lawyer?
    • A Disorderly Conduct misdemeanor summons ticket in Stamford CT can require you to appear in court on the next business day.
    • If the Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest involves a boyfriend / girlfriend, family member, or roommate, you will face a restraining order hearing at your first court date.
    • Even on a Stamford 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct charge, you can be ordered out of your house with a full no contact protective order.
    • If a child under 16 was present for your arrest, an invasive Connecticut DCF investigation will be triggered.
    • Your Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest report and mug shot will be published online.
    • Call a top Stamford criminal lawyer to defend you at that first court date.

    What is Disorderly Conduct in Stamford CT?

    You can be issued a misdemeanor summons ticket for C.G.S. 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct for fighting with another person or making too much noise – even if you are in your own home. The best Stamford CT criminal lawyers most often see Disorderly Conduct charges when a person gets in an argument – either physical or verbal – with another person that ends with one of them calling the police.

    What are the Penalties for Disorderly Conduct in Connecticut?

    Often, the Stamford Police Department will give you a misdemeanor summons ticket for 53a-182, rather than putting you in handcuffs, which will feel like a speeding ticket and not seem like a big deal.

    But it is.

    Disorderly Conduct is a misdemeanor crime in Stamford Connecticut. If you are convicted of 53a-182, you could face up to three months in jail, a period of probation, and a fine of up to $500. Besides those penalties, you also risk having a permanent criminal record which will show up on employment background checks.

    Will I be Contacted by DCF after a Disorderly Conduct Charge in CT?

    If there are children home or present during a Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest, then the Stamford Police Department will make a referral to the Department of Children and Families, or DCF. DCF will open an investigation into your family and within 72 hours – or sooner, depending on the allegations – you will be contacted by an investigation social worker from DCF.

    To learn more about fighting Stamford DCF Investigations, click here.

    How do I get my Connecticut Disorderly Conduct Charge Dropped?

    Before you even set foot in a courtroom, contact a top Disorderly Conduct attorney in Connecticut. Your attorney should be experienced in Stamford Superior Court and will be able to help you resolve your Disorderly Conduct case as quickly as possible. Your Stamford criminal lawyer should immediately work to preserve helpful evidence, prepare you for exactly what to expect in court, and work to get rid of your Stamford Disorderly Conduct case.

    Can I get my Disorderly Conduct Arrest off the Internet to Protect my Job?

    Yes. Even if your Disorderly Conduct case gets dropped or dismissed, there might still be online reports of your arrest and mug shot on news websites and police blotters throughout Connecticut. Details of your arrest / misdemeanor summons end up staying online long after your 53a-182 case is over.

    The Mark Sherman Law internet scrubbing team is on the forefront of what we call “Internet Scrubbing.” We have made headway in helping our clients get their cases off of Google searches and other websites.

    For more on what we have been doing to get arrest details and mug shots off of the Internet, click here.

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    If you’re facing a Disorderly Conduct arrest in Stamford, Connecticut, we can help. At Mark Sherman Law, we have a team of dedicated criminal lawyers who can help you both in court and with the DCF, working to get both cases closed as quickly as possible. To see what our clients say about us, see our reviews. We are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.