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    I Got Expelled or Suspended from Yale University. Can I Appeal?

    I Got Expelled or Suspended from Yale University. Can I Appeal?
    • Yale University school discipline hearings are handled by Yale’s Executive Committee.
    • Yale graduates and Yale undergraduates facing expulsion or suspension are entitled to an adviser and a lawyer.
    • If you are suspended or expelled by Yale University for plagiarism, cheating or getting arrested, you can appeal.
    • You only have 10 days to file your appeal complaint with Yale’s Committee of Review.
    • Call a top Yale University school defense lawyer attorney to discuss your case today.

    Fighting Yale University Expulsion & Suspension School Discipline Hearings

    The best Yale University school discipline lawyers and attorneys frequently see Yale expulsions and suspensions for plagiarism, cheating and violations of the school’s code of conduct for Yale arrests for assault, sex assault, sexual harassment and larceny.

    Before walking into a Yale Executive Committee school discipline hearing, you need to understand the rules and especially your rights. Then you need to consult with a top Connecticut school discipline lawyer with experience in Yale University hearings.

    Who Can I Have as My Advisor for My Yale Executive Committee Expulsion Discipline Hearing?

    Typically the adviser for a Yale undergraduate student facing a disciplinary hearing will be the student’s residential college dean. Alternatively, the student can select any faculty or staff member they wish to have present with them (TIP: try to get a Yale Law school faculty member). As any of the best Yale University student defense lawyers and attorneys know, these advisors typically serve in a support role rather than an advocacy role.

    Follow this link for more on fighting and appealing Yale University expulsion and suspension hearings.

    Can I Have a Lawyer During a Yale Executive Committee Discipline Hearing?

    Yes, but the lawyer cannot directly participate in the hearing. Instead, the lawyer can sit next to the student and provide counsel directly to the student, draft questions for the student, and help them prepare answers to questions. If you choose to have a top Yale University criminal lawyer by your side for an Executive Committee discipline hearing, then expect Yale to have one of their in-house lawyers from the General Counsel’s office at the hearing as well.

    All of the rules regarding an Executive Committee hearing can be found in Yale’s online student handbook.

    How Do I Appeal a Yale Expulsion or Yale Suspension Decision by the Executive Committee?

    You have 10 days from the issuance of the Executive Committee’s decision to file your Yale University appeal of school discipline. There are usually only 4 grounds to appeal a Yale University expulsion or suspension:

        • important evidence was not considered by the Executive Committee (such as witness statements, or a student’s disability);
        • long-standing Executive Committee case precedents and penalties were ignored;
        • errors in procedure may have substantially impacted the Committee’s decision; or
        • certain key principles of Yale University were not adequately considered in the original decision.

    Contact a Yale University Student Defense Expulsion Appeal Lawyer Today

    So if you’re a Yale University student who has been expelled or suspended, or parent of a Yale University student who was expelled or suspended, contact one of the school discipline lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. For over a decade we have worked with Yale families to successfully fight school discipline / expulsion / suspension hearings as well as help Yale graduate and undergraduate students appeal their expulsions and appeals. Our former school discipline client reviews speak for themselves. Call us today at (203) 358-4700 for a consultation.