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    Is Marijuana Legal in Connecticut?

    Is Marijuana Legal in Connecticut?


    • Recent changes to Connecticut State Law have made possession of marijuana legal to persons 21 and older.
    • Up to an ounce and a half may be possessed by a person 21 or over. A person 21 or older may also possess up to five ounces of marijuana in a locked compartment.
    • A person under 21 years old who is in possession of marijuana may be issued a ticket or charged with a misdemeanor depending on their exact age, the amount of the marijuana they are in possession of, and any prior offenses they may have.
    • If you get ticketed for marijuana in Connecticut, don’t send in a guilty plea by mail.
    • The Connecticut marijuana guilty plea by mail will stay on your record and background checks for 7 years.
    • Before pleading guilty, contact a top Connecticut marijuana criminal lawyer.

    Will a Connecticut CT Illegal Marijuana Possession Guilty Plea by Mail Show Up on my Record?

    • Yes.
    • An illegal marijuana possession guilty plea by mail in Connecticut shows up on your record, or your child’s record for 7 years! That means it can show up on all background checks of you or your child’s driving history with DMV, where violations and infractions are publicly available.

    Can My Connecticut Gun Pistol Permit Get Taken Away for a Marijuana Possession Charge?

    • Yes. Top Connecticut criminal pot and weed lawyers are seeing pistol and gun permits being automatically revoked if you plead guilty to illegal marijuana possession, regardless of whether you plead guilty by mail or guilty in court. 

    How to Get Your CT Weed / Marijuana Possession Ticket Dismissed

    Contact a Connecticut Marijuana Possession / Drug Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law