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    Is the Norwalk Criminal Courthouse Closed for the Corona Virus?

    Is the Norwalk Criminal Courthouse Closed for the Corona Virus?

    On March 12, 2020, and in response to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, the Connecticut criminal courthouses have decided to remain open on a very limited basis.

    Like many other businesses, however, the courthouses are taking extra precautions to keep their staff and visitors safe.

    Is the Norwalk Connecticut Courthouse Open from Criminal Cases?

    Yes, for emergency cases only. During this time, the Connecticut Judicial Branch has decided as of now to keep the courthouses open, including Norwalk Superior Court. Business will not be as usual though, as the courthouses are only conducting matters that are identified as “Priority 1 Business Function.”

    What is a Priority 1 Business Function Court Matter in Norwalk Court?

    For Norwalk Criminal Court, it includes domestic violence arraignments and any speedy trial motions where there is alleged serious harm to a victim. These cases usually involve the imposition or modification of criminal protective / restraining orders in Norwalk, Westport, or Wilton domestic violence arrest charges.

    Do I Have to Go to Norwalk Criminal Court for my Criminal Case?

    Not necessarily. Beginning Monday March 16, many court appearances for pending criminal cases are being rescheduled to after March 27. If you are arrested between now and then, you may still be required to report to court for your arraignment. This applies to any case involving domestic violence and to any case where an individual is being held in detention.

    Will I Be Charged with Failure to Appear Second Degree in Norwalk for Not Showing up for Court during the Corona Outbreak?

    It is VERY unlikely you would be charged with Failure to Appear Second Degree. To have your case continued to a new date in the future, you can call the Norwalk Clerk’s Office at 203-849-3580 or have your Norwalk criminal defense lawyer file a motion for continuance. You can also check out the Connecticut Judicial website at for more info.

    What if I Have Jury Duty in Norwalk Court?

    Almost all jury trials have been postponed indefinitely. If you are scheduled to attend jury duty, then call the Connecticut Judicial Branch to see if they are still required to report. Most civil and criminal jury trials are being delayed for the next month, however, trials that are already being conducted and ones that are set to start due to speedy trial motions are still scheduled.