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    I Just Got Arrested for a Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI Now What?

    I Just Got Arrested for a Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI Now What?
    • You have about 10 business days from your Greenwich DUI / DWI arrest to file a DMV appeal of your driver’s license suspension that can last up to 1 year
    • Talk to a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney before deciding whether you should take or refuse the breath test. For repeat offenders, the decision can make the difference between going to jail or just getting probation.
    • All Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest reports to Stamford Superior Court.
    • Don’t go to your first court date alone. Sometimes conditions of release can be ordered such as random drug and alcohol testing, and mandatory alcohol counseling, which can interfere with your job and family obligations.
    • Having your Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI lawyer preserve police video surveillance and dashboard camera evidence can help you win your case.

    Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for My Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI?

    Absolutely. Connecticut applies a 3-strike DUI / DWI law, which includes enhanced penalties for second-time and repeat offender DUI / DWI arrests in Greenwich Connecticut and elsewhere.Any of the best criminal defense DUI / DWI attorneys in Greenwich Connecticut know that hiring a lawyer before your first court date is a big advantage, especially if you need to file motions to preserve police bodycam and dashboard camera evidence, which tends to disappear after 30 days. If this evidence is helpful to your case, then it can be preserved, especially if you believe you passed the standardized field sobriety tests, yet the Greenwich cops said you failed them.

    How Do I Get My Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI Arrest Dismissed?

    There are several ways: trial, negotiations with the prosecutor (also called the state’s attorney), or asking the judge to suspend prosecution of your case and grant your application into the IDIP or Impaired Driver Intervention Program. After your lawyer has a chance to review police reports and witness statements, as well as scrutinize available video and toxicology evidence, they can properly advise you on next steps and work with you and your family to craft the most effective defense for your case.

    Follow this link for more on aggressive defense strategies for fighting a Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI.

    Can I Get the Connecticut Impaired Driver Intervention Program Even Though I Have a Prior DWAI in New York?

    Sometimes—you just need your top Greenwich Connecticut criminal defense attorney lawyer to finesse it through the court process. You see, the prosecutor will not be happy that you got your New York or Westchester DWI arrest reduced to a Driving While Ability Impaired (“DWAI”) violation and will aggressively object to you getting the IDIP or Impaired Driver Intervention Program which they will argue is for first time offenders.

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