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    PRESS RELEASE: Arrested? Stamford Criminal Attorney Gives Helpful Advice

    PRESS RELEASE: Arrested? Stamford Criminal Attorney Gives Helpful Advice

    Stamford, Connecticut – The unthinkable has happened; you’ve just been arrested and charged with a crime. If you’re like most people, this is a shattering event which can leave you floundering, uncertain what to do first. Mark Sherman, a Stamford criminal attorney who has been helping people facing criminal charges in New York and Connecticut since 1998, offers the following advice.

    “The key to obtaining the most favorable outcome is to seek legal counsel as early as possible,” Attorney Sherman explains. “Unless a person is trained in the complexities of the law, they are unlikely to adequately defend themselves.” Even if you do have some degree of responsibility for the charges, pleading guilty or simply accepting a plea bargain offer may not be the best step to take.

    One example of this is a recent case defended by Mark Sherman. A ninety-year-old former school teacher and World War II veteran allegedly struck and hit a teenager and then drove off, leaving the seriously injured boy beside the road. As explained in court, the driver, who was suffering from macular degeneration, did not know he had hit anyone until he heard the news reports describing his vehicle. With the assistance of his Stamford criminal attorney, the driver was able to apologize to the victim and make financial restitution. In due time, all charges will be dismissed through the accelerated rehabilitation program.

    “This is was a very favorable resolution,” attorney Mark Sherman stated, “one which would not have been likely without legal assistance.” When a person faces such a crisis, they need someone in their corner to focus completely on obtaining the most favorable outcome. “It’s our goal to help people get through the situation with either a complete dismissal or the most lenient sentence possible.”

    Another mistake people often make when faced with a criminal charge is to try to explain the situation to police, or panic and sign statements without first consulting an attorney. Law enforcement is looking for a solution to a case, and they may not perceive your statements in the same way in which you intend them. “This is in no way an indictment against law enforcement,” Sherman continues. “It’s simply a fact that the investigating officers are not responsible for representing your best interests.”

    Language barriers are another difficult hurdle for some people charged with a crime. Statements made by someone for whom English is a second language may be completely misunderstood by investigators, and no one should ever accept a plea or sign a statement without a competent legal representative who can communicate in the person’s native tongue. This is why Mark Sherman Law employs a Stamford criminal attorney who is fluent in Spanish.

    Being charged with a crime is a life-altering event; therefore, finding competent legal representation can help mitigate the impact on your life. “If you are charged with a crime,” Sherman concludes, “Don’t go it alone. Get help so you can move forward and put the incident behind you as quickly as possible”.”

    About Mark Sherman

    Mark Sherman, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Fordham University of Law, has been a member in good standing of the Connecticut, New York and Florida state bars since 1998. He has offices in Stamford, Connecticutand New York, New York, and practices in both locations. He has been recognized as a top business professional by the Fairfield County Business Journal and has been honored as a “Super Lawyer” by both New England and Connecticut Super Lawyers for 2011 and 2012.