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    Tips for Avoiding a DUI

    Tips for Avoiding a DUI

    It doesn’t matter how you drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There’s nothing you can do to guarantee that you will not be pulled over or that you will fail to pass a sobriety checkpoint if you are driving after drinking. The only way to avoid a DUI is to simply not get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve been drinking.

    • Know Your Limits – It is generally okay to consume a serving of two of alcohol with dinner over a two hour period and still drive. To consume more than that, however, is risky. Know your limits and stop drinking if you know you will be driving. Make sure you are safe.
    • Call a Cab – A safe way home is only a phone call away. Calling a cab makes sense if you’ve enjoyed a little too much alcohol. Don’t wait until you feel intoxicated. Most drivers believe they are fine and yet their blood alcohol level is over the legal limit.
    • Designate a Driver – Going out with a group of friends? Designate a driver who will stay sober and get everyone home safely. Make sure you take your turn as the driver in your group of friends to keep things friendly.
    • Stay Over – If one of your friends invites you to a dinner party or social gathering in their home, see if you can reasonably stay over until the next morning. Many responsible hosts are willing to make accommodations for guests who’ve had a little too much.

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