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    Were You Fired Unfairly?

    Were You Fired Unfairly?

    Losing your job is a difficult and emotional event. If you’re like most people facing termination, you’re at a loss to figure out the reason for your dismissal. In fact, you may believe you were fired unfairly and illegally in violation of Connecticut employment law.

    Connecticut, like many other states, has laws protecting an employer’s right to terminate employees “at-will.” This means your employer does not need a good reason to end your employment status. You may have been a wonderful employee with positive reviews, however if you were working without a contractual agreement, then your termination could be legal.

    There are some exceptions to the at-will laws, however. Federal and state law prohibits discriminatory labor practices. This means an employer cannot fire you solely on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or age. Your employer also cannot fire a worker in retaliation for filing a discrimination charge, participating in an investigation, or opposing discriminatory practices. Sexual harassment at work is also illegal in Connecticut.

    The Law Offices of Mark Sherman have an experienced employment law team. We litigate cases regularly in the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, as well as in Connecticut state and federal courts. If you feel you may have been discriminated against or fired unfairly, we encourage you to contact us right away. We will review your case and the circumstances of your termination and give you sound legal advice on your rights. If there is evidence of unfair dismissal, then we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation.

    The Law Offices of Mark Sherman are here to help you. Contact us quickly for compassionate and sound advice regardless of the situation. We will work with you and offer assistance in any way we can.