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    Why Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Important?

    Why Are Criminal Defense Attorneys Important?

    A criminal defense attorney has the important job of representing people who are charged with crimes in a court of law. The U.S. Constitution promises that every citizen charged with a crime will be provided with legal representation. This promise is made to protect the rights of citizens to a fair trial.

    Criminal law is complicated. The average person doesn’t understand all of the rules and protections provided in criminal law. Unfortunately, people sometimes choose to defend themselves in court even though they have only a limited understanding of the law. Ignorance of certain laws, unfortunately, is not a defense and these individuals often find they are found guilty.

    Criminal matters are serious. Misdemeanors often carry heavy fines or even brief jail sentences. A felony charge is much more serious and without an adequate defense, a person charged with a felony often risks a prison sentence. While you have the right to defend yourself during a criminal trial, it is important that you hire a defense attorney who understands the law and can argue on your behalf.

    At the Law Offices of Mark Sherman, we understand criminal law. We’ve successfully argued for many people charged with both misdemeanor and felony offenses. We are compassionate and dedicated, working tirelessly on behalf of our clients. We work with clients through the entire process, including the investigation period of a crime.

    If you are arrested in Stamford and Greenwich, or have reason to believe you may soon be charged with a crime, contact the Law Offices of Mark Sherman immediately. We will help you through the entire process and work to protect your rights. We will work to achieve the best result possible for your case.