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    Will COVID-19 Delay My Connecticut Criminal Case?

    Will COVID-19 Delay My Connecticut Criminal Case?
    • COVID is wreaking havoc on the Connecticut criminal court system.
    • COVID court closures and delays are keeping people from getting their Connecticut criminal cases resolved.
    • A top CT criminal lawyer knows how to get your criminal case heard and resolved.

    • While courts are operating cautiously, there are many ways to move your case along.
    • Call a CT criminal lawyer who knows how to get your case dockets asap.

    Are Connecticut Courthouses Open During COVID-19?

    Yes and no. Some courthouses, like GA 20 in Norwalk or GA 12 in Manchester are not currently open, however cases out of those courts will be heard in GA 1 in Stamford and GA 19 in Rockville respectively. During COVID-19 when you get a court notice, in the mail, it will tell you what courthouse you are being heard in and whether or not you need to come. Be sure to wear your mask, and if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms you should not go to the courthouse.

    If I Have COVID Can I Just Not Show Up for Court in Connecticut?

    No. While you should not be going to the Courthouses when you are positive for or experiencing symptoms of the novel Coronavirus, if you simply fail to go to your court date you can face re-arrest for failure to appear. To learn more about failure to appear charges, click here. An attorney can help. If you have COVID, a lawyer can help you file a continuance in your case or even seek to have you excused and appear on your behalf.

    Can Hiring a CT Criminal Lawyer Get My Case Heard More Quickly?

    Yes. Further, an attorney can work behind the scenes getting in touch with family services, the prosecutor, and any other parties involved to discuss your case and work towards a positive resolution. In most cases, there are things you can be doing, even from the safety of your own home to help protect your future and your reputation against criminal conviction.

    When Do I Need To Be In Court After an Arrest?

    During the pandemic, the only people being brought immediately into court are those arrest for domestic violence. Domestic violence charges don’t necessary involve violence, but they are treated differently. You will be arraigned on the next business day. To learn more about domestic violence defense, follow this link.

    When & Where Can I Get My Police Reports in Connecticut?

    For all non-domestic violence offenses, your first court date will likely not be for weeks or months. The courts are backed up from the closures at the beginning of the pandemic and still feeling the effects. To avoid having your case sit in limbo during this time, a lawyer could get the police report and begin analyzing your case so that even before your arraignment you can get into treatment, pay restitution, or do whatever is necessary to help your case later on down the road.

    Call a Top Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    There is plenty to be stressed about during the pandemic, don’t let a court case add any more stress to your life. A dedicated defense attorney can be your ally from start to finish protecting your name and your future during these new and unusual times. To learn more about working with the Law Offices of Mark Sherman, click here and then call us today to get started. We are around to take your call 24/7.