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    Connecticut Felony DUI Lawyer

    Regardless of the circumstances, driving while drunk is considered to be a serious crime worthy of significant punishment. With that said, however, a first-offense DUI in Connecticut is classified as a misdemeanor, and those convicted may be eligible for diversionary programming and eventual record expungement.

    However, second and subsequent drunk driving scenarios in which harm is inflicted upon others are taken even more seriously, and charges of this type require the aggressive defense strategies only a Connecticut felony DUI lawyer can provide. Contact a top defense attorney today to discuss your case.

    Is a Second DUI in Connecticut a Felony?

    Yes. In Connecticut, a first-time DUI charge is a misdemeanor, and offenders are frequently eligible to participate in the state’s Alcohol Education Program.

    However, second and subsequent DUI offenses committed within the same 10-year span do not yield such leniency and are categorized as felonies.

    Do I Have to Serve Jail Time for a Second DUI?

    Yes. Pursuant to the provisions of Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. §14-227a(g)(2), felony second or subsequent DUIs are capable of subjecting Connecticut defendants to sanctions that are quite severe in nature and which may include:

    • Incarceration extending up to two years, with a 120-day mandatory minimum
    • Probationary supervision following release from custody
    • 100-hour community service requirement
    • Monetary fine of up to $4,000
    • 45-day license suspension
    • Ignition interlock device installation lasting three years

    Can I be charged with a Felony if this is my first DWI offense?

    Yes, if someone is seriously hurt. According to Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. §53a-60d, an individual will be found guilty of assault in the second degree with a motor vehicle if, while operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, serious injury is caused to another as a consequence of that intoxication.

    This is a Class D felony in Connecticut, capable of producing long-term incarceration, financial penalties, lengthy ignition interlock requirements and license suspension.

    Manslaughter with a Motor Vehicle

    You will be charged with Manslaughter in the second degree with a motor vehicle, as described by Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. §53a-56b may be found if, while operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated due to drugs or alcohol, an individual causes the death of another party because of that impairment.

    This is a Class C felony in Connecticut, and the severity of the possible consequences makes the assistance of a skilled defense attorney an absolute necessity.

    What Kind of Impact Will a DUI Have on my Life?

    There are many consequences. The formal penalties for felony DUI offenses can be extremely onerous and can wreak havoc on an individual’s ability to earn a living and retain basic liberties for a given period of time. The existence of any criminal record, let alone one that contains convictions for felony drunk driving, is something that can cause irreparable harm to a Connecticut individual’s reputation, community standing, immigration status and more. Thankfully, a top lawyer can help.

    Contact a Connecticut Felony DUI Attorney

    You need to hire a top Connecticut criminal defense DWI attorney. All drunk driving charges, but particularly those that carry the felony designation, call for aggressive and unyielding legal defense strategies. If you are facing allegations of this type of conduct and seek experienced, knowledgeable counsel, a Connecticut felony DUI lawyer is ready to help. Call today to get started on your case.