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    Can I Get Arrested for Hiring an Escort in Connecticut?

    • Under Connecticut General Statues (C.G.S.) § 53a-83, it is illegal to pay a person for sex.
    • Escort services that provide sexual contact qualifies as prostitution in Connecticut
    • The person paying or offering to pay for sex and the person who agrees to engage can be arrested.
    • Patronizing prostitution is a misdemeanor offense and carries the potential for jailtime and fines.

    • If you have been arrested in Connecticut for patronizing a prostitute, contact a top defense attorney today to begin working towards a positive outcome.

    What is Patronizing Prostitution in Connecticut?

    Patronizing a prostitution is a fancy way of saying paying for sex. You can be found guilty of this crime even if no sexual act occurs or no fee changes hands. For example, soliciting a person for sex in exchange for money can lead to your arrest simply based on the request. If you have been arrested of suspected patronizing prostitution, a top Connecticut Prostitution lawyer can help you to analyze your charges and build a strong defense.

    Can I Go to Jail for Hiring an Escort?

    Yes, if you pay the escort for sexual contact. Patronizing prostitution is a Class A Misdemeanor. While this is not as serious a charge as a felony, it should still be taken seriously. This offense could lead to a year in jail, a fine of up to $2,000.00, or both. Further, patronizing prostitution charges often draw the attention of the media and can lead to unwanted articles online tainting your name and publicizing your case.

    Can I Get My Connecticut Prostitution Arrest Offline and Off Google Searches?

    Probably. Luckily, these articles can potentially be removed if you are successful in getting your case dismissed. Because of its A Misdemeanor status, you may be eligible to apply for the Connecticut Accelerated Rehabilitation Program after a patronizing prostitution arrest. Successful completion of this program will result in a dismissal of your case and expungement of the arrest from your record. To learn more about our internet scrubbing practice, click here.

    What are some other Variations of Prostitution Charges?

    In addition to patronizing a prostitute, you can be arrested in Connecticut for engaging in prostitution under CGS § 53-82, promoting prostitution under CGS §§ 53a-86 through 53a-88, and even permitting prostitution under CGS § 53a-89.

    What is Promoting Prostitution in Connecticut?

    Of these charges, promoting prostitution is the most severely punished. Promoting prostitution in the first, second, and third degree is a felony charge. You can face serious jailtime, fines, and probation for these offenses and you should act quick to build a defense after an arrest.

    Permitting prostitution charges are often seen in connection with massage parlors in Connecticut. The various police departments in Connecticut have been vigilant with massage parlor stings in recent years. To learn more about massage parlor arrests in Connecticut, click here.

    Contact a Top Connecticut Prostitution Defense Lawyer

    If you have been arrested for patronizing a prostitute in Connecticut you should consider speaking with skilled legal counsel as soon as possible. A dedicated attorney can help you build a strong defense and avoid undesirable penalties and public embarrassment. Read the hundreds of reviews from our past clients on, and give the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law a call to learn about how we can help you.