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    What to do After a Connecticut Sexual Assault Arrest

    A sexual assault arrest can be a frightening ordeal for everyone involved. Connecticut authorities treat all sex crimes seriously, and these offenses also come with social stigma. Someone accused of sexual assault may be concerned about how their friends and neighbors will react, as well as the heavy fines and jail time if convicted.

    Thankfully, a top CT lawyer is here to help. An experienced criminal defense attorney could explain what to do after a Connecticut sexual assault arrest in order to best protect your interests. They could fight tirelessly on your behalf for an optimum outcome to your case. Reach out to a lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

    Know Your Rights

    Once an arrest has been made, the alleged attacker has the right to:

    • Not give a statement to the police or answer questions without an attorney present
    • Know what the allegations are against them
    • Know what evidence the police or the state attorney has
    • Have their attorney cross-examine witnesses, ask questions about the allegations, and poke holes in that story
    • Go to court and get all the information about the allegations brought against them

    An attorney could inform an accused person about their rights after an arrest. They could also advocate on behalf of the accused during any question and ensure their rights are not violated.

    Let a Lawyer be Your Spokesperson

    If an individual is facing arrest for a sexual assault offense, they should refrain from giving a statement to the police department, answering any questions, or speaking to the press or newspaper about what they are accused of doing.

    They should also refrain from contacting the alleged victim, because any communication that they have with the alleged victim could and most likely would be used as evidence in the criminal case. Even if it is friendly communication to say they were contacted by the police department and that they are sorry about what happened, it could be seen as an admission of guilt in the criminal case. It is important that they refrain from contacting the alleged victim altogether so that they do not say anything incriminating.

    The best thing for an accused person to do after an arrest is to contact their attorney. They should sit down with their lawyer, explain exactly what they are accused of doing, and let their attorney speak to the police and be their middleman. This is the best way to make sure the accused does not incriminate themselves. The attorney can also handle any and all contact with the alleged victim, if necessary.

    Ask a CT Attorney What to do After an Arrest

    If you were arrested for a sex offense, you may be unsure how to defend yourself. Due to the heavy legal penalties and  With the help of an experienced attorney, you could understand exactly what to do after a Connecticut sexual assault arrest. A dedicated criminal lawyer could explain your legal options and help you fight against allegations of sexual assault. Call today to begin working towards a positive resolution of your case.