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    Benefits of a Connecticut Sexual Assault Attorney

    If you have been charged with a sexual assault offense, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a lawyer. You may not believe that you need the assistance of an attorney, but they could guide you through the trial process and keep your best interests in mind as they build your case. If you want to know more about the benefits of a Connecticut sexual assault attorney, contact a qualified sexual assault lawyer that could answer your questions.

    Why Someone May Need to Refuse to Hire an Attorney

    There are a few examples of why a person accused of sex assault may refuse to hire a defense attorney in their case. The first one is that if the person is innocent and they do not feel the need to hire an attorney. They think that they could go to court, advocate on their behalf, show the court that they are innocent, and get the case dropped on their own. This is rarely the case.

    Another example of why a person accused of sex assault may avoid hiring a defense attorney is that they are not taking the allegations against them seriously. For example, a younger person who has been accused of statutory rape crimes might not take the allegations as seriously because in their mind they know that the contact or intercourse was consensual. It still prosecuted to the same extent as other crimes in Connecticut.

    Why is it a Mistake to Not Hire a Sexual Assault Lawyer

    It is a mistake to not take advantage of the benefits of a Connecticut sexual assault attorney, because this crime carries a heavy jail sentences. Most of them carry mandatory minimum jail sentences, which means that no matter what the judge or the district attorney says, they are not able to lower the person’s jail sentence and that the person has to serve a certain amount of time in jail. There is no chance that they would plead guilty to a crime and get no jail sentence.

    Another reason why it is a huge mistake is that it could result in a permanent felony record. This person is going to have a felony on their record for the rest of their life if they do not handle it properly in court.

    Qualities to Look for in a Sexual Assault Legal Advocate

    In order to ensure that you are receiving the benefits of a Connecticut sexual assault attorney, you should look for a lawyer that has certain qualities like, experience, a working knowledge of the law, and a good reputation.


    The first quality of the top three qualities an individual charged with sexual assault should look for in a top sexual assault attorney in CT, is experience handling these cases. A person should want someone who has handled these cases in the past. Someone experienced with the same type of cases is going to know what to do when they go to court, know exactly what to look for, and know what is helpful and what is harmful in the case.

    Knowledge of the Law

    The second quality that someone should look when they are hiring a sexual assault lawyer is a lawyer well versed in the law, specifically in the Connecticut Sexual Assault Statutes, because there are some caveats that could be a good defense to someone if they fall under the preview of the statute. An attorney who knows the law well and who is familiar with the statutes would be able to pick that out and present that to the court.

    A Good Reputation

    The third quality an individual should look for is an attorney who has a good reputation and a relationship with the court and the prosecuting attorneys. The accused’s case is going to go better if their attorney is viewed as credible in the court. The court is more willing to negotiate with an attorney who they find credible and trustworthy.

    How a Connecticut Sexual Assault Attorney Could Help

    The benefits of a Connecticut sexual assault attorney could help a person facing sexual assault crime charges in different ways. The first way is by reviewing any evidence that is being brought against that person. That might mean reviewing a police investigation and any statements that are made to the police by the alleged victim. It might also mean reviewing the prosecutors file and seeing what evidence the court has, so that the person who is accused knows exactly what they are being accused of doing.

    Another way that an experienced criminal lawyer could help a person is by hiring a private investigator to conduct a second investigation to the matter and to collect any additional evidence that might have been missed or not included in the report by the police. After reviewing all the evidence, a criminal attorney would be able to figure out what a person’s best defenses are and the best way to proceed in the court case or find ways to reduce jail time or conviction.