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    Fairfield University Fake ID Lawyer

    Connecticut colleges and universities, as well as the towns and cities in which they are located, have launched campaigns to curb underage drinking.

    As a result, Fairfield University police are making more arrests for fake ID/forgery in Fairfield Connecticut. Possessing or using a fake ID at a bar, club or restaurant in Connecticut is technically a felony, and can ruin your professional future if not handled properly.

    The consequences of a felony offense can be quite severe. As a result, any student arrested for a Fake ID should contact a Fairfield University fake ID lawyer to learn how to get your Fairfield fake ID / forgery charges dropped, even if you were technically guilty of possessing a fake ID on or off campus. Work with a competent student defense lawyer that can help you.

    What is the Definition of Forgery in the Second-Degree?

    Possessing a fake ID at Fairfield University can be a felony, as defined by Connecticut’s forgery second-degree laws, C.G.S. § 53a-139. It is important to note that a student need not attempt to use their Fake ID to face charges for Fake ID possession.  They can be arrested for just having a fake ID in their wallet.

    For example, if police ask a Fairfield University student to pull over for a broken headlight or taillight, and the officer notices the Fairfield University student’s Fake ID is in clear sight of the officer, they may be subject to a felony charge of possessing a fake ID under CG 53a-139.

    Whether or not a Fairfield University student is caught with a fake ID is ultimately prosecuted or found guilty, the consequences of a felony charge can be quite severe. A graduate school admissions officer or a prospective employer may find it increasingly easy to access information on the internet that details a former Fairfield University student’s arrest for forgery, including their mug shot and arrest report, which could harm them in their professional career.

    Fighting Fake ID Charges

    A Fairfield fake ID lawyer may be able to get the court to reduce the charges to forgery in the third-degree under CGS 53a-140, which is a misdemeanor and carries a far lighter maximum penalty. Plus, there are diversionary program advantages that come with this reduction in charge.

    Other defense strategies for fighting a fake ID arrest include:

    • The police officer executed an inappropriate search and seizure
    • The party is a first-time offender with no prior record
    • The party is an excellent student and citizen and a benefit to the community
    • The party did not know they possessed the ID in question, or the ID belonged to another individual in the group or automobile

    As the best Fairfield University fake ID attorneys know, fake ID possession is frequently charged as forgery in the second-degree under CGS 53a-139, which includes a minor being caught borrowing a friend’s or acquaintance’s ID. A conviction or guilty plea can result in a maximum prison sentence of five years, probation, and up to $5,000 in fines.

    Speaking with a Fairfield University Fake ID Attorney

    Though using a fake ID does not seem serious to a typical university college student, it is a felony in Connecticut. These charges put a student’s future and reputation in danger of not just legal consequences, but also academic ones. Therefore, anyone facing these charges should take every step to protect themselves.

    There are a variety of ways that a Fairfield University fake ID lawyer may be able to avoid potential consequences or penalties. To determine your options and to explore how a Fairfield University fake ID attorney can help pursue those options, contact a lawyer today.