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    Fairfield University Expulsion Lawyer


    A Fairfield University expulsion lawyer who understands disciplinary proceedings at the school can fight to protect your or your child’s rights and reach a positive outcome from the process. Let a top criminal defense lawyer help you today.

    What Constitutes Expulsion?

    Students at Fairfield are not always aware when they may be subject to expulsion for an alleged violation of University rules and regulations. The school’s conduct code lists numerous potential sanctions and describes three hearing bodies that may adjudicate cases regarding student conduct. However, the Office of the Dean of Students maintains the ultimate responsibility for enforcing regulations and the discretion to apply penalties.

    Can Political Pressure Force a School to Make a Decision?

    Unfortunately, yes. The school may attempt to expel a student based on political pressure or for other inappropriate reasons. It is wise to approach any allegations of wrongdoing as potential grounds for expulsion. A top Fairfield University expulsion lawyer can investigate the situation to uncover any ulterior motives for the action.

    What Are Common Reasons for Expulsion?

    Some common incidents that might lead to expulsion include accusations of:

    • Sexual misconduct
    • Hazing
    • Possession of weapons
    • Controlled substance violations
    • Violent crime
    • Property damage
    • Other criminal or unethical conduct

    A Fairfield University expulsion attorney can collect evidence to fight allegations in a school disciplinary proceeding with the same diligence that would be applied in a criminal proceeding.

    How Are University Proceedings Different from Court?

    The processes used by Fairfield University to investigate allegations of wrongdoing and adjudicate a case often differ substantially from procedures used in a criminal investigation. It is important to understand the accused student’s rights and how to protect those rights.

    If the University takes inappropriate actions toward expulsion, it may be possible to challenge the actions in court. However, an expulsion lawyer at Fairfield University would start by working to defend the student within the school’s disciplinary proceedings. For instance, an attorney could help the student devise and practice answers to questions and prepare statements explaining the student’s justification for actions taken.

    Consult a Knowledgeable Fairfield University Expulsion Attorney

    It can be frightening and confusing to face the University’s disciplinary process. Working with an experienced Fairfield University expulsion lawyer provides guidance and an ally throughout the process. For an initial consultation to learn more about how an attorney could assist in your case, call the office of Mark Sherman Law today.