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UConn Second-Degree Fake ID Forgery Penalties

Having a fake ID is such a serious crime because it promotes a culture that enables underage drinking and it is a felony charge. The UConn second-degree fake ID forgery penalties are severe because it is considered dangerous to have the means to impersonate another person, whether they are real or are a fictional person. An experienced fake ID forgery attorney can help protect your rights if you have been accused of impersonating another person or holding a fake identification.

What are the Penalties for a Fake ID Charge in UConn

The UConn second-degree fake ID forgery penalties include suspension or expulsion or anything that the disciplinary board orders, such as community service or writing essays and maintaining good grades. The penalties do differ depending on the severity of the charge. A felony charge is going to carry a bigger penalty, whereas a misdemeanor charge still carries a small penalty but it’s a little bit easier to get dismissed in court.

The potential penalties change in the sense that they get harsher and more serious for anyone charged with creating and distributing fake Ids, especially because it’s very dangerous to create these fake IDs and to sell them.

Impact of the Age of the Accused

The penalties do change based on the age of the person. If a person is a minor, as in underage and should not legally be drinking, they’ll often be charged with an underage drinking crime involving possession of a fake ID. If a person is of age, UConn second-degree fake ID forgery penalties are taken more seriously because it shows that they were using the fake ID to do something more dangerous than just underage drink. They could have been stealing someone’s identity or trying to take a credit card out in someone else’s name, and it typically is a little bit more dangerous than just underage drinking.

Can Someone’s Arrest be Accessed Online?

UConn forgery arrests are usually published online resulting in a lasting arrest report that anyone can view. There is typically no rhyme or reason for which arrests are published online and which arrests are not published.  UConn or student arrest are typically published online as a way to show other students that they will be caught and prosecuted if they possess a fake ID.

If an arrest record is not published by an online publication, there is a judicial site in Connecticut where anyone can go online, type any name, and search any pending criminal case. The public can also view the record on the Connecticut judicial site, but what experienced Rockville defense attorneys can do is file a motion with the court to seal that arrest report on the judicial site so that no one can see the arrest and it can only be viewed if it is picked up by an online publication.

Treatment of Felony Offenses vs. Misdemeanor Offenses

The penalty for a misdemeanor fake ID charge at UConn is up to six months in prison, a permanent criminal record, suspension from school, having to appear before the disciplinary committee, and having to do whatever the disciplinary committee asks, which would be community service, volunteering time at other student activities, and then definitely maintaining good grades.

The most severe UConn second-degree fake ID forgery penalties would be five years in prison. If a student pleads guilty and is sentenced to prison, the student will still have a criminal felony record once they are released. Sometimes it is possible for someone to face probation instead of jail time.

Typically this requires kind of extensive negotiations between the defendant’s attorney and the prosecutor. Applying for probation requires a lot of extra work and is difficult for the student to check in at the court once a week.