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    UConn Second Degree Fake ID Forgery Arrests Campus Penalties

    Being a student affects forgery or fake ID charges because they have to face criminal charges and penalties in Rockville Superior Court, but they also have to face UConn disciplinary procedures after their arrest. Typically at UConn, what happens after an arrest is that a student is contacted by the disciplinary board and the student has to meet with the board to review the allegations against the student.

    If it is a serious crime, the person will have a full disciplinary hearing in front of the disciplinary board in which they will have to defend themselves or produce evidence to show that they were not guilty of the crime. If an individual wants to know more about UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests campus penalties, they should consult a knowledgeable fake ID attorney that could answer their questions and help them navigate this difficult process.

    Fake ID Charges Arrests on College Campuses

    Fake ID charges and arrests are so common on college campuses, mainly because most students are under the age of 21 and students typically attend bars to drink or they need to buy alcohol, in which case they will purchase a fake ID and use that.

    If a student flees the scene, an officer can initiate an arrest because fleeing the scene can lead to probable cause that a crime has been committed. If the student flees their dorm room, an officer can initiate a search because there may be evidence of a crime that can be destroyed before the officer has time to execute a warrant.

    The arrests are different for students because they are typically issued by UConn police officers if the arrest took place on or near campus. The charges are treated similarly to other forgery charges in Rockville Superior Court, but the UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests campus penalties are quite different.

    What Power Do Campus Officers Have?

    Even if a felony fake ID arrest occurs on UConn campus, it is still a felony charge and an individual could face both court-mandated penalties and UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests campus penalties. It is up to the UConn Police Department to charge the student, but anytime someone is in possession of a fake government document, the student will be charged with a felony forgery charge. Campus officers have the same power as police. UConn has a division of police officers that have arresting powers. These officers have the same powers as any other police officer.

    UConn students do not have the same rights facing charges in court as they do with the university. In court, anyone has the right to be represented by an attorney, but UConn disciplinary procedures do not allow a student to be represented by an attorney. A student can still hire a school discipline attorney to help them prepare for any disciplinary hearing and consult with them on any questions that they might have, but they cannot be represented during the hearing by an attorney.

    If Someone is Arrested Off-Campus Will Their School Find Out?

    Most of the time students have the obligation to report their arrest to their school. It is part of their code of conduct that if they are arrested, they have the obligation to report it. If they do not report it, the school might not find out anyway and the student can be punished. If the student is arrested over the summer and then they report it to their school, the school still treats it as though it occurred during school hours and on school property.

    UConn takes both misdemeanor and felony charges of these charges seriously, but it definitely treats them differently. Misdemeanor charges are obviously not treated as seriously and allow the student to completely different things with the disciplinary board to maintain their status as a student.

    Common Penalties Someone Might Face for an On-Campus Arrest

    Anytime someone is arrested on UConn campus, that student is facing both school penalties and criminal charges. A student accused of having a fake ID will typically be punished by a disciplinary board by being required to write some sort of essay to prove why they should be able to remain at UConn. They might be required to complete a certain amount of hours of community service. They might need to participate in other sorts of campus events in order to satisfy the disciplinary board as well as maintain good grades.

    Consequences for Distributing Fake IDs

    If the student is caught manufacturing and distributing fake IDs, they would be charged with a forgery second (a felony charge) and they would typically face multiple counts of that charge. So, if a person is just caught in possession of a fake ID, they are only being charged with one count of forgery second. But if a person is caught creating and distributing the fake IDs, they are charged for one count for each fake ID that they create or distribute. This crime is still a forgery second-degree charge, but again it depends on the number of the IDs that were forged. If an individual wants to know more about UConn second degree fake ID forgery arrests campus penalties, they should consult a seasoned fake ID forgery attorney that could answer their questions.