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    Dismissal in UConn Second Degree Fake ID Forgery Cases

    A fake ID forgery charge can seem like it is the end of the world. However, many people do not realize that dismissal in UConn second degree fake ID forgery cases is completely possible. Depending on the facts of your fake ID forgery case, you could work with an experienced second-degree fake ID lawyer that could pursue dismissal. Speak with a capable student defense attorney that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

    Conditional and Unconditional Discharges

    A conditional discharge is when a judge will have someone plead guilty to something and then conditionally discharge the guilty plea if the person successfully completes other conditions. An unconditional discharge is if someone does not need to plead guilty to anything, they just need to complete conditions in order to have their case dismissed. Anyone can seek these outcomes; it depends on the prosecutor and the judge whether or not they allow conditional or unconditional discharges in their courthouse. Typically there are no set requirements for discharges, it depends on each case and what each defendant is offered in each specific facts of each case.

    Dismissal of Fake ID Cases

    A person can get their charges dismissed once they successfully complete the accelerated rehabilitation program. They can get their charges dismissed if they go to trial and they win the trial. They can get their charges dismissed if they were charged and the reason why they were. Upon completion of a pre-trial accelerated rehabilitation program, if successful, the charges are dismissed.

    Once the fake ID arrest is dismissed, it is expunged, all of the arrest records are destroyed, and then the person who is arrested can legally swear under oath that they have never been arrested before. There is a way to scrub the arrest from the internet. Once a case is dismissed, it could be possible for an attorney to have the arrest reports removed from the internet, but it cannot happen until dismissal in UConn second degree fake ID forgery cases.

    Collateral Consequences of a Fake ID Arrest

    Any fake ID arrests will definitely impact future internships, grad school, and job opportunities because the arrest will be pending on a criminal background until it is dismissed and erased. These charges can be pending for two years, so if someone is arrested as a senior in college, they are going to be applying for jobs with a pending felony or misdemeanor on their record. It is always important to have a very good defense attorney to make sure that the case gets dismissed completely because following the dismissal in UConn second degree fake ID forgery cases, a student is able to pursue those job opportunities that they would have missed out on. However, there are still internships that could have been missed and grad school opportunities that might have been missed due to the timing.

    Defense Strategies When Challenging a Fake ID Charge

    One defense that a person can use when challenging a fake ID charge might be that the fake ID was found illegally or confiscated illegally or that the fake ID did not belong to that person. The defense strategy might change if a person is facing additional charges because it might become more of a rehabilitative effort, especially if someone has a drinking problem. Still, for the first misdemeanor offenders, the strategy remains pretty much the same.

    How a UCONN Second-Degree Fake ID Attorney Can Help

    An attorney can help get the best outcome for a fake ID case by preparing the person for the court, by having meaningful discussions with the prosecutor and the judge, and by putting together information on the defendant to present to the court that makes the court realize that this person has taken their arrest very seriously and that they are unlikely to offend in the future. Someone should speak to a lawyer about dismissal in UConn second degree fake ID forgery cases. If a person has never been arrested before, they could be eligible for the diversionary program that would get their charges dismissed and expunged. Once a person’s charges are dismissed, their arrest records are erased, the case is closed, and the person can state that they have never been arrested before. An individual should consult an accomplished second-degree fake ID forgery lawyer that could defend them.