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    Building a UCONN Marijuana Possession Defense

    When building a UCONN marijuana possession defense, it can be critical to contact an attorney about alternative sentencing options. A skilled drug lawyer can help anyone charged with possession of marijuana apply for a pretrial drug education and community service program.

    The judge and the court will have a hearing where the attorney can present arguments for the program. If the lawyer is able to convince the judge to give them the program, the person will be able to complete community service and drug classes to earn a dismissal of the charge.

    Common Constitutional Issues in Marijuana Possession Cases

    A lot of times it is things like Fourth Amendment issues like search and seizure. That is probably the most common constitutional issue that comes up. A lawyer should look at all the police reports and talk to the individual as well as any potential witnesses to see if the police had a reason to search.

    A lot of times at UCONN, the searches are done without a search warrant either because the UCONN students gave them permission or because the police said they had a good reason to do it without a warrant. That is probably the most common constitutional issue is a right against a search that comes up.

    Mistakes to Avoid in Marijuana Possession Cases

    One mistake is that most UCONN students will let the UCONN police officers search their rooms. They will give them consent without realizing that in some situations they can say no. A lot of UCONN students want to be cooperative with the police and are scared to say no. This places the importance on building a UCONN marijuana possession defense.

    They end up letting them search, even though they otherwise might not be entitled to a search, and the officers end up finding something. It is important for UCONN students to know that the cops do not always have permission to search the room and if they are asking for their consent they can say no.

    What Are Unique Aspects of Defending Marijuana Possession Offenses?

    In a lot of ways, defending cannabis possession charges are similar to other drug offenses. One benefit of building a UCONN marijuana possession defense judges view marijuana with a little bit more leniency than drugs that are considered a little more hardcore, like heroin or cocaine.

    With more serious drugs, the potential for someone overdosing or getting injured is a little higher. With marijuana that does not happen as much. Oftentimes, the case does not involve a person who has overdosed or caused an injury to another person through the drug use.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    The attorneys will be able to consider whether the marijuana was just for the one individual or whether it potentially belonged to other people and if there are witnesses that should be interviewed. A lot of times with roommate situations, maybe they share it or maybe it is just one person.

    That is a factor to consider early on in building a UCONN marijuana possession defense. An experienced lawyer will also get involved early and have the person do some upfront treatment; maybe a substance abuse evaluation from the get-go before, even setting foot in court to start the case off on the right foot.