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    Expectations After a UCONN Marijuana Possession Arrest

    Following a UCONN marijuana arrest, you may have many questions about what happens next. You might want to know what consequences your child faces, how this will impact their enrollment in school, and what the implications are for their future. A knowledgeable marijuana possession lawyer can help you set realistic expectations after a UNCONN marijuana possession arrest, and can work tirelessly to build your child’s case.

    Questions to Ask a Student Charged With Marijuana Possession

    One of the expectations after a UCONN marijuana possession arrest that a person should have is that they will need to answer many of their attorney’s questions. The first questions are about how the marijuana was found, where it was found, and how much of it was found.

    An attorney will ask that of a UCONN student just to find out whether the student’s rights were violated, whether the search was done by the rules in the constitution, and whether any of the evidence against the student can be suppressed in court.

    What Should Parents Expect During This Process

    As far as parent expectations after a UCONN marijuana possession arrest go, these charges and the ensuing procedure is a little more complicated than they know. If a person is going to fight a ticket or if a person is arrested and has to appear in court, it is probably going to be at least a couple of court appearances.

    It can be a little bit overwhelming and stressful for both the parents and the student because there are a lot of moving pieces. Being aware of it right from the beginning and having an attorney who can walk them through the process and make sure that all of the bases are covered is helpful for a lot of the UCONN parents.

    Ways a Marijuana Possession Arrest Can Impact Student Status

    UCONN does have rules and regulations both for their undergraduate and graduate campuses. So, if students get a ticket or get arrested, because of the fact that UCONN has its own police department, the school is always going to find out about it.

    There are usually just disciplinary proceedings. It will be the goal of the attorney helping or the student to get issued a warning or probation and be able to remain in school full time. Obviously, for more serious charges, they might face expulsion proceedings which are a lot more serious.

    Being underage does not change the setoff for this particular charge. Technically, the person is not supposed to have it either way. It is a little bit different than something like an alcohol charge.

    Methods Through Which Colleges Find Out About a Student’s Marijuana Possession Charge

    Because UCONN has its own police department, it is an open book as far as the university finding out about it. If a UCONN student gets something off campus by a different police department, some colleges have reporting requirements. Other times, the school does not find out about it, which is a little bit less complicated.

    How Universities Handle Marijuana Possession Convictions

    Usually, they are initiated when a student is charged either criminally or with a ticket. Even if the case was dropped, they can still proceed, because technically, they are alleging that they broke university rules just by having it or getting in trouble in the first place.

    Oftentimes, an attorney can step in, try to get the university to work with the student, and issue a warning, probation, or perhaps some substance abuse counseling through the school to let them stay as a full-time student. Individuals who want to know more about expectations after a UCONN marijuana possession arrest should consult an experienced marijuana possession attorney that can help.