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    UCONN Marijuana Possession Lawyer

    There are a couple of different charges for marijuana possession in Connecticut. A person could be charged with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana, which is a criminal arrest, or they can be charged by an infraction ticket, which is treated as a violation in Connecticut and not a criminal charge technically.It depends on the amount of marijuana that a person has on them, and possession could mean on their person, in their car, in their bedroom, within reach, and almost anything that shows that they had ownership of it. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, get in touch with a UCONN marijuana possession lawyer. A tenacious legal advocate can fight to defend your case.

    Being Found in Possession of Marijuana

    There are a couple of different ways to be found in possession of marijuana. It could be if an officer pulls someone over and the person appears to be under the influence of marijuana that might make the officer want to search the person’s vehicle.

    At UCONN, often it is a room, for example, a dorm room gets a noise complaint and the officers will come and ask to search the room. They end up searching the room one way or the other and they might find it that way, as well.

    How is Possession Viewed in the Eyes of the Law?

    The state of Connecticut does not look at marijuana possession favorably but compared to other hard drugs, such as heroin, it is taken a little bit more lightly.

    That being said, marijuana possession is still a crime, depending on the amount of marijuana. If it is less than half an ounce, it is a violation. Anything over that is still a crime, and a UCONN marijuana possession lawyer is more than willing to defend those who have been charged with that crime.

    Marijuana possession is a priority, especially on college campuses like UCONN. Marijuana is one of the more common drugs, so it ends up being a priority for the UCONN police officers. They see it more, so there tend to be more charges at places like UCONN or other Connecticut colleges.

    Do Prosecutors Treat Marijuana Charges Differently Than Other Substance-Related Charges?

    In some cases, the prosecutors probably do treat marijuana charges differently than other substance-related charges. They look at other drugs a little more seriously, especially heroin. Most prosecutors probably see it as less serious than a drug like heroin, but because it is so popular on college campuses, the prosecutors in the Rockville do take it seriously, trying to curb college students from using it. An experienced UCONN marijuana possession lawyer can work tirelessly to defend their potential client against the prosecutor.

    What People Should Know About Marijuana Possession Laws

    First, even if the UCONN police issue the infraction version, they still need to take it seriously and consult an attorney, because of the fact that it is permanent and it can result in a driver’s license suspension.

    Second, even though marijuana is technically decriminalized in Connecticut for small amounts, if someone has a lot of marijuana, whether, for personal use or to sell, they could still be charged with the crime.

    Third, even if they are just issued the infraction ticket or if they are arrested, they still could face penalties through UCONN’s discipline system and face proceedings through the school in addition to anything in court.

    Factors That Can Impact the Severity of Charges?

    One factor that can impact the severity of a possession charge is the amount of marijuana they were found to possess. Depending on how much marijuana is found on the person that will determine whether they are going to be charged with a misdemeanor or issued an infraction. Another thing that makes it more serious is if the police or authorities think that the person is selling marijuana. That is going to be a more serious penalty than someone in simple possession that has it for personal use.

    The Severity of Marijuana Possession Penalties at UCONN

    If someone is caught with less than a half an ounce of marijuana, they are going to be issued something that seems just like a speeding ticket and they will have the opportunity of paying that fine or pleading not guilty and fighting it in Rockville Superior Court. In either situation, if they plead or they are found guilty of possessing marijuana, it is a violation that could come up on a background check.

    If the person is under 21 years of age, they also have an automatic driver’s license suspension through the DMV if they plead or are found guilty to a possession of marijuana ticket violation.If they are caught with more than half an ounce of marijuana, it is a class A misdemeanor, so a person is exposed to potential jail time, potential periods of probation, and higher potential fines, as well.

    Impact of Marijuana Possession Charges on Employment Opportunities

    A marijuana possession conviction would be reflected on a person’s criminal record or on a background check in the case of an infraction. A lot of times, especially with UCONN students who are going to be in the job market soon, if they are going against someone who has a clean record, that could be the deciding factor when applying for jobs and for graduate school.

    In addition to the immediate penalties, such as potential probation, jail, and fines a person might have to think about if they are charged with criminal possession of marijuana, there are long-term consequences a person might have to deal with as well.

    Long-Term Implications of a Marijuana Possession Offense

    The long-term implications of a marijuana possession offense have changed a little bit, especially since Connecticut decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. Because of the decriminalization, if someone had pled or was found guilty of just the infraction version that will not come up in a lot of criminal record checks, so that helps to avoid consequences in the future. If a person is convicted it could come up on thorough background checks in the future, so potential employers could find it, depending on the type of background check they use. If an individual wants to know more, they should ask a knowledgeable UCONN marijuana possession lawyer.

    Value of Working With a UCONN Marijuana Possession Attorney

    There are a variety of benefits that come with working with a local drug attorney. Just being able to compare marijuana to other more serious drugs and explain to the court that this is not something that is as addictive or as dangerous as other drugs are helpful. A UCONN marijuana possession lawyer that knows the different characteristics of the drugs is able to make that comparison and use it to help you in court. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, contact a distinguished UCONN marijuana possession attorney that can build your case.