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    Danbury Evading Responsibility Lawyer

    If you were accused of fleeing the scene of an accident, reach out to a Danbury evading responsibility lawyer. A top defense attorney could work to build a strong defense against the charges you face.

    What is the Definition of Evading Responsibility under Connecticut Law?

    Under Connecticut General Statute § 14-224, Evading Responsibility occurs any time an operator of a vehicle is knowingly involved in an automobile collision which causes death, physical injury, or property damage and the driver fails to pull over and provide assistance as needed.

    Connecticut statute requires any operator who is involved in a collision to provide their name, address, driver’s license number, and registration to other drivers involved or to a police officer.  If no officer is available and the other driver is not able to receive the information but a witness requests this information, the driver must provide the requested information to the witness.

    What if I Left the Scene of an Accident?

    In Danbury Connecticut, any person who leaves the scene of an accident without providing information can be charged with Evading Responsibility under C.G.S. § 14-224.  Leaving the scene after an accident without providing certain required information is evading responsibility and can have very serious consequences.

    If you are facing charges for evading responsibility in Danbury, it is important to speak with a Danbury evading responsibility lawyer as soon as possible. Consulting an attorney early can make all the difference in the severity of consequences one may face following an evading responsibility offense.

    What are the Penalties for Evading Responsibility in Connecticut?

    The potential penalties for evading responsibility typically depend on the severity of the damage caused by the automobile collision. If the collision causes serious injury or death, a resulting evading responsibility charge will result in a mandatory one-year jail sentence and a maximum of ten years imprisonment.

    If the accident only censuses damage to another’s vehicle, however, a jail sentence is less likely, but still possible. In the case of mere property damage or minor injuries, an evading responsibility offense carries a maximum of one-year imprisonment.

    DMV Consequences of Evading Responsibility Charges

    If you are convicted of Evading Responsibility under C.G.S. § 14-224 in Connecticut, you will also face DMV consequences, including a 90-day license suspension.  An experienced Connecticut Evading Responsibility attorney can help avoid a license suspension by fighting these charges in court.  It is important to contact a top attorney as soon as you are arrested for Evading Responsibility, to avoid collateral consequences.

    Talk to a Danbury Evading Responsibility Attorney Today

    If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you comply with Danbury Evading Responsibility laws to avoid a potential conviction and additional consequences. If no driver is present, you can avoid an arrest by leaving a note on the windshield.

    If you receive a charge for evading responsibility, contact a Danbury evading responsibility lawyer as quickly as possible to potentially mitigate any possible consequences. Call today for a consultation.