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    Danbury Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    No matter what amount of money is allegedly involved, criminal acts constituting Larceny by Extortion are virtually always treated as high-level felonies under the Connecticut Penal Code, including extortion by “sugar babies” of the men providing them with money or goods in exchange for their participation in an intimate relationship. When you are dealing with allegations along these lines, speaking with an experienced Danbury “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer should be your first step towards achieving the best possible resolution in this high-stakes case.

    What Counts as Extortion of a “Sugar Daddy?”

    The Connecticut Penal Code does not directly address relationships where “sugar daddies” provide money, goods, or services to “sugar babies” as payment for their relationship. While it is against the law for someone to directly offer or provide sexual services in exchange for compensation and likewise illegal for someone to solicit such services from someone else, adding a financial component to an intimate relationship, which may or may not include sexual conduct, is a gray area of the law that state legislators have yet to address to any meaningful degree.

    Where things get a little more precise, though, is in situations where a “sugar baby”—or someone affiliated with them, like a friend or another intimate partner—tries to blackmail their “sugar daddy” into paying them more than they already are, often by threatening to reveal their past interactions to the “sugar daddy’s” family. This may constitute attempted or actual Larceny by Extortion, which Connecticut General Statutes §53a-122 defines as a form of Larceny in the First Degree.

    Anyone who commits Larceny in the First Degree in any form may be prosecuted for a Class B felony, which means even a first-time offender could face a prison term of between one and 20 years upon conviction as well as a maximum of $15,000 in fines. As a Danbury “sugar daddy” extortion attorney can further explain, causing harm to someone’s public reputation by sharing private information without their consent may give the impacted person grounds to file a civil suit as well, although this is not guaranteed in every scenario.

    Possible Defenses to “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Charges

    It is worth reiterating that just being in a relationship with a “sugar daddy” is not strictly illegal on its own, nor is someone having information in their possession that could cause harm to another person. What elevates this sort of relationship to unlawful extortion is an intentional and knowing attempt by the “sugar baby” to compel additional payments from their “sugar daddy” under threat of disseminating such private and damaging information.

    Put another way, it may be possible to fight back against allegations of these kinds of allegations in Danbury by establishing that there was no credible threat made to share such incriminating information, that no such incriminating information actually existed, or that the information in question was publicly available already. A qualified defense attorney from our firm can discuss potential strategies in more specific detail during a private consultation.

    Contact a Danbury “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney for Assistance

    Relationships between “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies” can be complicated under the best of circumstances, and an accusation that the latter party is blackmailing the former can quickly lead to complex legal proceedings. Help from a seasoned Danbury “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer can be key to proactively enforcing your rights in a situation like this and ensuring you can put forward the strongest possible defense strategy and maximize your chances of a positive case result. Call Mark Sherman Law today to discuss your options, and click here to read some of our certified reviews.